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SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighter's Clash
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  paleface [sys=NGPC; cat=Strategy; reg=NA]
I'm not usually big on collectible-card type of things, at least I tell myself I'm not, but I had a lot of fun going through this game once--and it sure took a while. In fact, I seem to recall that I spent a heck of a lot of time just battling the various juvenile card-carrying opponents you find lounging around the arcades and amusement parks in the little hardcore world located inside this game.
I was trying to get better cards, of course. And this compulsion will get you though a good ways of the game all by itself, but it helps that the sounds and graphics are absolutely top-notch, and that there are a ton of places to visit, kids to battle, and cards to collect.
I've been told that there are plenty of strategies to play, too, but really one problem with the game is that later cards clearly trump earlier card, so the most obvious and in many ways best strategy simply involves collecting and playing the most powerful cards. And power, since a card's HP value is also its attacking value, really comes down to how many HP your cards have. Sure you may once in a while manage to pull out a trick card at just the right time, but relying on that sort of thing routinely is asking for trouble, at least when I try it myself.
Then again, what's wrong with blatant power? Not much when it comes down to it, and I certainly do not regret powering my way through this mighty game.
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