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Marvel vs. Capcom Origins
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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Fighting; reg=NA]
Technically excellent compilation of two arcade games from Marvel's "Vs" series of cross-universe fighting games: Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom.
The joystick response and audio-video quality achieved here by Iron Galaxy are absolutely top-notch. They also added in various collecting and challenge goals, I think, and also online play?--but those aren't really things I'm into.
Single-player gameplay-wise, what you've got is pretty much Arcade mode. I'm not fond of the gem mechanic in MSH, or Iron Man's "Repulsor Blast," and MvC is where the series started to get into a huge emphasis on super meter spam and giant combos, which aren't my thing so much. But for those who do like these original arcade games, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better console version.


  paleface 10:30:44 10/05/20
Dang well I don't think I'll really be able to play Marvel Super Heroes anymore--and it's the last real 1-v-1 game they made in the series, after X:Men COTA which was a bit crude--because I found that when any character other than Spider-Man, Wolverine, Psylocke, and possibly Thanos scores a hit while having an activated Power gem, the screen flashes red. ; P I had to go back and edit out 29 Power gem activations from this darn video I just made:
  paleface 18:31:01 10/07/20
  paleface 20:45:46 11/06/20

* Jin Saotome is the main character from Capcom's fighting game Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness
I had no idea you could break through to that women's bath house bathing room. : o Or that Orange Hulk could ambush you in Arcade Mode! Or that Ryu has a hcb+P "Mode Change" super that can put him in "Ken Mode" (MP) or "Akuma Mode" (HP) where he has different supers and stuff. Or that pretty much the point of the hidden variant characters is to double up on characters you really like! ; D (And "Lilith" really *is* just a weak Morrigan. :PP)
And I found out I'm really terrible with Strider Hiryu! But maybe not as terrible as I'd thought at first with Chun-Li--I just have to go with the flow with her, 'cause she flows different than everyone else!
  paleface 19:05:17 12/16/20
In MvC, there are only two colors per character: Punch buttons (including remapped controls) select the default color, and Kick buttons select the alternate color.
(Of course, there are separate, unlockable variant characters with their own additional colors--there's Onslaught's Orange Hulk, and a Red Venom, for instance.)
  paleface 21:11:52 12/28/20

You can break into the hidden women's bathing room in the "Honda's Bathhouse" stage of Marvel vs. Capcom.
I used Jin Saotome's "Saotome Crush" (hcb+K) to ram Venom into the stage's right-hand wall twice, breaking it open. This reveals a new room, extending the stage to the right: a pink tiled room of women's baths, including, at the far right, an enthusiastic young woman wearing a towel, who could be Sakura of the Street Fighter franchise, with her friend, Kei. When a round ends, the mural on the room's back wall animates, similar to the way in which the back wall of E.Honda's SFII stage animates.
I found the area by accident, breaking the wall while fighting Venom as Jin in an arcade mode run.
Supposedly, this is the same bathhouse first seen in E.Honda's stage in Street Fighter II; it is also seen--from the outside--in Street Fighter Alpha (Ryu and Guy's stages) and Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Honda's stage).
(Recorded in Origin's Training mode, and I found the game has pause screen Training Options (~4'54) you can use to set the game (set "Dummy Action" to "CPU") into what is essentially 1-round Vs. CPU mode--however, in testing later I found that the CPU doesn't put up much of a fight in this mode, even if you set the game's difficulty to the maximum.)
  paleface 17:11:00 02/11/21
MvC feels rough and hard to control when compared directly against MvC2 (see entry 1383): in MvC you hardly get more than a second or two to just fight before you're interrupted by a super or something, whereas in MvC2 I feel much more in control--although that may also be helped by the MvC2 PS3 version's widescreen, whereas MvC was kept 4:3, and feels claustrophobic with all the huge sprite effects jammed into it.
  paleface 00:06:54 06/02/22

I wanted to see if I could prevent Power gems from appearing in MSH, because they cause red flashes when striking the opponent, which aren't great for my old eyeballs' photosensitivity; and I wanted to see if playing in Training Mode would be fun in MVSC (as apparently the kids are abbreviating it on YouTube these days!), because I just don't like that game's Arcade mode--mostly because the boss just murders me, I suppose? Yeah I should probably just learn whatever trick is necessary to beat him, but eh I'm skeptical it would ever be a fun fight.
Anyway, this failed: you can select a starting gem, but you can't prevent Power gems from popping up in Training Mode in MSH, and while you can, in fact, in this 2012 compilation play full VS CPU matches in MVSC's Training Mode--and in MSH's--by turning "Infinite Health" off--and this is something you CAN'T do in Training Mode of Iron Galaxy's other Capcom fighting game ports on PS3: 2011's "Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition" and 2013's "Darkstalkers Resurrection"--or just play an endless single match with regenerating health, if you want, both MSH and MVSC are so big and punchy that they lack the groove-out quality I liked in doing the endless match thing in DR and 3rd Strike.
Plus there's the little problem that both MSH and MVSC are way too easy in Training Mode, even when the difficulty is raised to the max 8/8! This is strange since the difficulty seems fine in Training Mode in DR and 3rd Strike, but there it is.
Oh yeah! And in both games there's a bug with the stage randomization, if you're playing matches rather than using endless regenerating health: the first and second stage you get after picking characters will be random, but every stage after the second will be that same background, over and over again, until you go back to character select and re-pick characters. = P
I get the sense that Training Mode match play wasn't tested too extensively. = pp I wonder if that's why it was omitted from the later Darkstalkers Resurrection.
Not too fussed about MVSC since I've found I just enjoy MVC2 a lot more anyway, but I sure would like to be able to play Arcade Mode in MSH, which is a gosh-darned hoot; can't seem to get rid of those red Power gem flashies though.
Edit: Man I think I screwed up and had this whole video set to the wrong color range, so it's kind of faded out. Can't seem to get my recording settings straight for these PS3 compilations for some reason, argh.
  paleface 14:55:29 05/10/24
Runs at 720p.
  paleface 17:06:09 05/10/24
Some PS3 downloadable trial games have a c00 directory in the game folder and apparently use it instead of more usual methods for registering the trial version having been purchased and upgraded to the full version, and RPCS3 fails to see the games as purchased; this was entered as a bug yonks ago for RPCS3 ( ) but turns out there's a workaround with some tinkering ( ) so RPCS3 haven't done anything about it themselves. ; )
I've run into it with Marvel vs. Capcom Origins and NBA Jam On Fire Edition. Since I'm using PS Store-purchased games decrypted by CFW the process is simpler than in that forum tutorial--only need HxD and True Ancestor Edat Rebuilder, briefly (for MvCO don't even need the hex ed 'cause the edat ID is right there as the unused-by-RPCS3 .rap filename, in fact!):
1) With the game copied over into RPCS3, open the PARAM.SFO in \dev_hdd0\game\NPUB30558\C00\ in HxD and copy the long character string that comes after "HG.." in the right-hand column
2) Run TAER, press 5, and enter the character string from the PARAM.SFO into the TAER command prompt (copy & paste works : )
3) Take the generated .edat with the matching name from TAER's edats folder and paste it into \dev_hdd0\home\[your user number]\exdata\
That little process got both games registered correctly for me in RPCS3. : )
  paleface 17:27:57 05/10/24
Man this game has way more lil' sprite flash FX than I remembered. 8P
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