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Darkstalkers Resurrection
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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Fighting; loc=NA]
Pretty sharp 720p collection of Darkstalkers 1 (Night Warriors) and Darkstalkers 3, with GGPO online play, apparently, in a format similar to the PS3 Marvel vs. Capcom Origins (see entry 1354), where you press the Select button at the menu to swap between the games--although I find this a little confusing, since it just says "SELECT: Night Warriors" or something down in the corner when you're actually on Darkstalkers 3, for instance. : P
Like the games in the pretty excellent Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection on PS2 (see entry 824), the games here flash the screen red, once, when a character is defeated. (The PS1 versions, of Darkstalkers 1 (see entry 828) and 3 (see entry 829) omit the red flash.)
  paleface 14:26:36 05/31/22

Both of these PS3 ports were handled by Iron Galaxy, and are technically excellent--with its arcade-accurate, sparkling 2 frame input delay, 3rd Strike Online Edition, the earlier of the two, is still the best console version of 3rd Strike to this day; Darkstalkers Resurrection is even more polished, particularly for this vs COM Training Mode thing I'm doing: Resurrection saves your vs COM and Training difficulty settings, and lets you access the regular game Options within Training, neither of which 3SOE does. Both let you change the difficulty setting in Training Mode on the fly, which is really handy, especially for 3rd Strike, where difficulty can vary a lot by character. (And it's something you can't do in the Training modes in Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection on PS2, which is where I originally got this endless Training VS COM idea.)
I wanted to see if I could play them this funky way because a) my occasional photosensitivity leads me to avoid the red screen flash effect that accompanies the end of a round in all but the first Darkstalkers games (Resurrection includes the second and third Darkstalkers games: The Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge (which this collection very confusingly calls just "Night Warriors"--confusing because the first Darkstalkers game, NOT included here, is called "Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors" : P), and Vampire Savior)--in Training, there are no knockouts, so no red flashes!--and b) I've just never clicked with the Arcade mode in 3rd Strike, really, so I was looking for another way to play it.
Grooving vs the CPU in long, running Training battles is really fun! : )
  paleface 23:34:39 06/05/22

Rough comparison of input lag in three ports of Vampire Savior on my set-up, which includes a Hori HRAP V 2017 arcade stick, a 4x2 component matrix switcher, an OSSC, Brook Super Converter adapters, and a 5ms display lag monitor. On a computer, if you're playing this video at 60 fps, you can pause playback, then advance one frame at a time by pressing the "." key, and count along with me the frames that go by between the arcade stick's light punch button being fully pressed down, and Morrigan beginning to play her light punch animation--just make sure the video playback quality is at a 60 fps setting in your YouTube player. I counted the following delay frames for the games:
Darkstalkers 3 (PS1): 3 frames of delay
Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection (PS2): 5 frames of delay
Darkstalkers Resurrection (PS3): 4 frames of delay
I was surprised that the PS1 port beat Iron Galaxy's PS3 port--their famous earlier PS3 port being the ~2 frame delay (2.5 on my setup/test) 3rd Strike. I shouldn't have been that surprised though, I suppose--the lowest lag version of SFII I have is on PS1, after all!
This is a totally unscientific test and only really relevant to the performance of other games tested on my current set-up! Will the version in Capcom Fighting Collection on PS4 beat the PS1 port??
I think this may mean I stop playing the version here in Darkstalkers Resurrection; I kind of like the 240p look in the PS1 version, anyhow--and I can play the arcade mode in that one, since it omits the KO red screen flashes. Its Training mode background is blank black, but maybe I'll play more Arcade than Training (vs COM) after all.
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