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Darkstalkers Resurrection
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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Fighting; loc=NA]
Pretty sharp 720p collection of Darkstalkers 1 (Night Warriors) and Darkstalkers 3, with GGPO online play, apparently, in a format similar to the PS3 Marvel vs. Capcom Origins (see entry 1354), where you press the Select button at the menu to swap between the games--although I find this a little confusing, since it just says "SELECT: Night Warriors" or something down in the corner when you're actually on Darkstalkers 3, for instance. : P
Like the games in the pretty excellent Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection on PS2 (see entry 824), the games here flash the screen red, once, when a character is defeated. (The PS1 versions, of Darkstalkers 1 (see entry 828) and 3 (see entry 829) omit the red flash.)
· Darkstalkers 3 (PS1)
· Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower (PSP)
· Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (PS1)
· Marvel vs. Capcom Origins (PS3)
· Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection (PS2)

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