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Darkstalkers 3
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  "I suppose it saves load time, but I wish you could select a background for the Training mode."
Came out better than the Darkstalkers (1) port (see entry 828) as this one has much more fluid animation (one gets the impression that they had the time to add to the number of frames they redrew for the earlier effort), additional modes, and much more fully fledged options, including turbo speed adjusts and so forth. Not that the animation is up to the arcade versions, but its much closer.
There's an "Original Characters" or something mode that I don't quite understand. Oh I see, you can sort of build up a custom character and unlock secret characters and options. Interesting. Oh and there's an image gallery mode, and good old Training mode.
Darkstalkers 3 was "Vampire Savior" in Japan.
  paleface 10:56:41 09/14/20
  paleface 11:01:54 09/14/20
(You press R1 at the options screen to get to EX Options after unlocking it by grinding the Original Character mode enough--see 30:12 in the video above.)
  paleface 20:15:03 09/15/20
This version doesn't have a red screen flash on KO (or match end? whichever) like the arcade version, and later console ports (the PS2 collection)--and the other Vampire/Darkstalkers games in general--have. So I can play this version! (Ditto with the PS1 Darkstalkers 1. : ) Go PS1!)
  paleface 20:24:19 10/22/20
  paleface 23:42:17 12/06/20
(* DS2 = Darkstalkers 2, which was actually called "Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge in the West, and "Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers' Revenge" in Japan.
For that matter, "Darkstalkers 3" is an interesting name: it was only actually used for the Western release of the PS1 game! Called "Vampire Savior: EX Edition" in Japan, the PS1 version, released in 1998, is an updated version of the third arcade game in the series, released in 1997, which was called "Vampire Savior: World of Darkness" in the West, and "Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire" in Japan; later in 1997, two updates of Vampire Savior came out in Japan only: "Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers' Revenge," and "Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of Vampire.")
  paleface 19:00:23 12/07/20

I did not expect that final fight and end story for Lilith. : o Neat! Also it was nice to figure out how the eight colors--mapped neatly to the game's six attack buttons, plus one from picking a character by hitting all three punches at once, and one from all three kicks--and moves work (note to self: supers mostly just like EX moves: single-motion plus two P or two K, OR a sequence of buttons like eh LP,LP,f,LK,HP).
  paleface 19:44:56 12/07/20
When you continue, the game asks if you want to use the same character--select YES, and you get to skip having to go back through character select and re-select your character and color. Much appreciated feature! : D
  paleface 18:49:02 03/11/21

I selected Victor by pressing all three kick buttons, which yielded an extra-purple version. Victor's a partial charge character, and I'm not usually much use with charge moves, but his big headbutt (charge back, forward Punch) turned out to be pretty useful, especially the EX version (hit two Punch buttons instead of one); he's also got a huge downward leaping punch with charge down, up P, but I couldn't seem to get used to the range. :P
He's also a grapple character, having a 360-degree-motion + P throw (and a 720-degree version, although that might just be in the alternate "dark forces" mode, DF Power--not sure), but a) 360 degree throws have been killing my wrist and b) the range on it seems to be shorter than a toothpick! Couldn't land the darn thing even once, sigh.
He's got a spinny electric thing but it's a little hard to get it to go forward since the motion is backward, and an uppercut-motion rising knee on Kick buttons... Basically I find his special moves, aside from that headbutt, difficult to use. Fortunately, you can simply hold down any regular button to electrify his normal moves for extra damage, which is nice; plus, his jump kicks seemed pretty darned effective at this (low-ish) default difficulty, and you can chain them together from lights to mediums to heavies.
So, I think he can be fun to use, if I relax and just punch and kick. :P His attack animations are fantastic.
One thing I really appreciate about DS3 is that the boss isn't too crazy hard--he's maybe (at least on this default difficulty) just a little tougher than a regular character, which is what a boss should be, I like to think. ; ) (The Pyron boss insanity in DS1 (and Capcom Fighting Jam!) just makes me not want to play through that game again. ;P)
At the end I looked at other characters I want to play through the game with, and the next obvious choice is Felicia; her three-punches color is gothy gorgeousness!
  paleface 18:07:34 03/30/21
^ I wrote down the wrong the button code for goth-colored Felicia; it's three kicks, not three punches. : P
  paleface 19:31:05 03/30/21
Playing through Darkstalkers 3 for PS1--on a PS2--as catgirl Felicia--the faded goth colored one you get when selecting her by pressing all three kick buttons together--on the default 2/8 difficulty:

Felicia tore through the default difficulty level! : oo (Neat that she, like Lilith, has a non-standard boss encounter.) So fun to finish off her opponents with that hcf+2P EX move; aside from that, I mostly just did jump kicks and her lightning-fast chain combos.
So funny that if you pick "Auto" (auto-block) during character select, you're relegated to one of two slightly different character color schemes--color schemes of shame! I do wonder if they then decided that wasn't making it obvious enough, and that's when they decided to add "AUTO" in all caps under the auto-block player's bats/health meter.
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