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Darkstalkers 3
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  "I suppose it saves load time, but I wish you could select a background for the Training mode."
Came out better than the Darkstalkers (1) port (see entry 828) as this one has much more fluid animation (one gets the impression that they had the time to add to the number of frames they redrew for the earlier effort), additional modes, and much more fully fledged options, including turbo speed adjusts and so forth. Not that the animation is up to the arcade versions, but its much closer.
There's an "Original Characters" or something mode that I don't quite understand. Oh I see, you can sort of build up a custom character and unlock secret characters and options. Interesting. Oh and there's an image gallery mode, and good old Training mode.
Darkstalkers 3 was "Vampire Savior" in Japan.
  paleface 10:56:41 09/14/20
  paleface 11:01:54 09/14/20
(You press R1 at the options screen to get to EX Options after unlocking it by grinding the Original Character mode enough--see 30:12 in the video above.)
  paleface 20:15:03 09/15/20
This version doesn't have a red screen flash on KO (or match end? whichever) like the arcade version, and later console ports (the PS2 collection)--and the other Vampire/Darkstalkers games in general--have. So I can play this version! (Ditto with the PS1 Darkstalkers 1. : ) Go PS1!)
  paleface 20:24:19 10/22/20
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