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Darkstalkers 3
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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Hardware; loc=NA]
Rough test of input lag in the PS3 PS1 Classics version of Darkstalkers 3 on my set-up, which includes a Hori HRAP V 2017 arcade stick, a 4x2 component matrix switcher, an OSSC, a 5ms display lag monitor, and a slim PS3. On a computer, if you're playing this video at 60 fps, you can pause playback, then advance one frame at a time by pressing the "." key, and count along with me the frames that go by between the arcade stick's light punch button being fully pressed down, and Morrigan beginning to play her light punch animation--just make sure the video playback quality is at a 60 fps setting in your YouTube player.
I counted 5 frames of delay for Morrigan's light punch, in VS mode.
That's two frames more than the 3 frame delay I measured by the same method for Darkstalkers 3 running on a PS2: . So that's a bit more delay than I expected for PS1 Classics, dang.

The PS1 Classics version is also a bit blurry, I suppose probably just from being scaled to 1080p.
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