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Darkstalkers 3
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Rough test of input lag in the PS3 PS1 Classics version of Darkstalkers 3 on my set-up, which includes a Hori HRAP V 2017 arcade stick, a 4x2 component matrix switcher, an OSSC, a 5ms display lag monitor, and a slim PS3. On a computer, if you're playing this video at 60 fps, you can pause playback, then advance one frame at a time by pressing the "." key, and count along with me the frames that go by between the arcade stick's light punch button being fully pressed down, and Morrigan beginning to play her light punch animation--just make sure the video playback quality is at a 60 fps setting in your YouTube player.
I counted 5 frames of delay for Morrigan's light punch, in VS mode.
That's two frames more than the 3 frame delay I measured by the same method for Darkstalkers 3 running on a PS2: . So that's a bit more delay than I expected for PS1 Classics, dang.

The PS1 Classics version is also a bit blurry, I suppose probably just from being scaled to 1080p.
  paleface 20:36:56 02/07/24

Lilith's light jab in Darkstalkers 3 for PS1 (see entry 829) on a PS2, in the PS1 Classics version on PS3 (see entry 1453), and with a rip of the PS1 disc under each of PS1 emulator duckstation's (see entry 1743) five renderers on a Windows 11 PC.
My ~4 year old mid-range gaming laptop: a "Sager NP6858CQ 15.6-Inch Thin Bezel FHD 144Hz Gaming Laptop, Intel i7-10750H, GTX 1660Ti 6GB, 16GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD" (see entry 1744) bought in summer 2020, outputting to a 60 Hz 1080p Asus 5ms monitor. Component output via OSSC for the consoles. Hori Real Arcade Pro V 2017 PS3/PS4 arcade stick--through a Brook Super Converter on the PS2.
1:20 - PS2 2 frames
5:44 - Classics PS3 4 frames
9:16 - Duck D3D11 4 frames
10:35 - Duck D3D12 4 frames
11:49 - Duck Vulkan 3 frames
12:54 - Duck OpenGL 2 frames
14:26 - Duck Software 3 frames
I ran duckstation with Vsync off (default), and 9x (4k) Internal Resolution Scale--except for the Software renderer, which doesn't upscale. duckstation's Graphics menu says the Software renderer is the slowest, but the D3D ones were slower for me. You'll notice where allowed I'd set the Adapter to my laptop's NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, so it wouldn't be using the integrated Intel UHD Graphics chip--ASSUMING the GeForce would be the faster option. But OpenGL and Software only allow the "Default" setting for Adapter; so to be sure I went back and tried Vulkan on "Default"--but it stayed the same (3 frames). So I don't think having Adapter set to the GTX slowed down the D3D or Vulkan response times.
Darkstalkers 3 is just as responsive in duckstation's OpenGL renderer as it is on an actual PS2! This rules! No more bothering with my PS1 physical discs, I'll just rip any I want to play and run them in duckstation! And I'd bought the Kitchen Panic PS1 Classic off the PS3 JP store even though I own the disc, because I didn't want to be bothered getting my JP PS2 out--but turns out that was a waste, 'cause now I can just rip the disc and play it in duckstation woooo. : D
If only PCSX2 would run PS2 games w/o adding input delay... Well, I'm gonna do a specific test w/ it on VF4E...but I'm pretty sure it'll still be adding a frame or two. : P Oh hang on. PCSX2 has all those renderers too--and in the little test I did with it once, I left it on Default--so probably D3D11. There's still the others to try!! = ooo
I used ImgBurn (see entry 1741) for ripping the Darkstalkers 3 PS1 disc, and CHDMAN (see entry 1742) (that's with handy automated scripts; CHDMAN's basic form comes with MAME--see entry 1541) for compressing the rip (duckstation (see entry 1743), PCSX2 (see entry 1665), and Flycast (see entry 1615) can all load games as .chd files, which tend to be about half the size of uncompressed ripped .iso, .bin, or .gdi files).
Hilarious ripping anecdote! Yesterday was my first attempt at ripping PS1/2 games. Dug out my old lappy--my new one doesn't have a DVD drive. Test-ripped two Taito Memories JP PS2 games successfully, and thought woo got this down--although I did notice the drive was a fussy about recognizing the discs at first. Later in the day I tried Darkstalkers 3 (PS1)--and only got the drive to show the disc contents once, for about five seconds; then it just whirred and blipped and I could barely get it to eject the darn thing. Same with every game & dvd I tried after that.
That drive had always felt a bit fragile--only laptop optical drive I've used though so I don't know--so I thought maybe it's had it, even though I never used it much before. Spent a stupid amount of time ordering an external DVD drive from Amazon (jeez they're only $20-$34.99! = o (Just below Amazon's new free shipping price hmm) I thought they'd be ~$120). Then thought wait maybe the lens got dirty somehow; got the lappy back out, ejected the drive, blew on it with my slobbery breath--worked perfectly. Canceled the order, wey-hey!
Vulkan is the successor to OpenGL, developed by the same tech industry consortium behind OpenGL (originally developed by SGI).
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