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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  opened by paleface at 20:58:54 01/06/21  
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  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Fighting; loc=NA]
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for PS4 went on sale for $9.99 on the US PS Store yesterday, so here we are. : D
My recording got glitched when I paused briefly after about an hour to look up a FAQ--since the game has no digital manual or tutorial--so this is just the first hour of my poking through some of the options and modes, and looking at all the pretty character models and colors.

I hadn't planned to initially but I *did* stay up and actually played some Arcade matches for another half hour or so, and that part didn't make it into the recording--of course it was just completely n00bish flailing around in random teams, so I suppose you didn't miss much. I did at least learn--from a FAQ--how to tag in characters (hold Assist button down for a second or two) and do the "X-Factor" (press all four attack buttons), although I'm still slightly unclear on what benefits X-Factor gives you--move cancelling and maybe a speed boost?
So I'm gonna *hopefully* actually record some gameplay tomorrow. So far game has made not hate playing Frank West and Deadpool, which quite surprised that bodes well. ; )
I'm not yet sold on the visual style, which is a high-contrast and kinda hard to take in a lot of the time, or on most of the non-Arcade single-player modes; except that you *can* run a simulated VS CPU in Training mode--not yet sure if the difficulty there holds up (you can crank it up to Very Hard, it's just that a lot of the time the difficulty in Training/Practice modes acts like the difficulty in just the 1st match of an Arcade mode, ie easier than normal).
And the controls are a bit different from the other MvC games: three attack buttons, Light, Medium, and Heavy, which can be punch or kick, a fourth, "Special" button, which eh can also just be like a stronger attack button, or just do a *different* special move depending on the motion: for instance, with Ryu, LMH do fireballs with qcf, but S does an instant explodey ball thing. And then there are two Assist buttons, like MvC2, but to swap characters, as I mentioned earlier, you have to HOLD one of them for a second or two, which feels weird.
I do love the alternate costumes for some of the characters, like a MODAM skin ("Mental Organism Designed for Aggressive Maneuvers"--good acronym, not a great name :p) for MODOK ("Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing")--oh and an Elvis skin for him, too ^)^ (34'43), Storm's punk outfit (36'23), Cap's original shield (30'04), Hagar's leopard pants (22'58), Morrigan's classic win pose street clothes (13'46), and SF1 Ryu (12'46).
I really wish you could see thumbnails of them on the character select screen, instead of just numbers and colored character frame borders, which aren't much help--and you can't even see those numbers in the Gallery character viewer to match them up!
It is neat though that there's a bio for each character, plus a note telling you--for the Capcom characters--the game in which they first appeared, which I needed for some of them. : P
The ability to switch to the Japanese voices for the characters is a lifesaver for most of them, too; even though I can't understand them--or maybe because)--those actors are just much more pleasant to listen to, by and large.
  paleface 21:00:15 01/07/21

Some things I learned since recording yesterday or today's episode:
- You can see your selected costume on the character portrait immediately *after* selecting the costume. ... A little weird but at least you can then hit Circle to back up and try a different one if you got the wrong look.
- There *is* a software manual--it's under Gallery: Bonus Content. The built-in gallery viewer is awkward for reading but at least with some zooming and scrolling you can get through the thing. Doesn't cover Heroes & Heralds, but that mode has its own read-through tutorial.
- What do the "Player Points" you earn by playing the game (even in Training mode) do? Two things, from what I've now read: they unlock titles (:p), and, at 30,000 PP (you can see the total in the upper-right corner of the first page of your "License Card": hit R1 on main menu--I'm currently at 7852 :P) they unlock Galactus Arcade mode. I don't know exactly what that is since I don't want to spoil it for myself, although it sure sounds like you just play through as Galactus, which would be pretty darn ridiculous. ; )
(Hm at 1'19"39 for instance the health meter doesn't show for the "Heralds" of Galactus, but at 1'21"45, after the continue, it does. Wha? Oh, just before that first time stamp I reduced their health to zero. But they still went on for a while. Uhhh? Do they actually have separate meters but don't die until both are depleted, and you can only see one at a time?)
Fun game! Didn't expect to get so far on the third play-through (I did a few weak attempts yesterday), so yay! ^_^ Random team select kept giving me Spencer, whom I dislike playing in Infinite (he's also more of a boor in Infinite), but...he's actually decent fun to play here! Maybe I need to re-evaluate Infinite. = o ; ) Anyway fun times, and getting so far made me feel less insecure about my n00bishness at the game. ; ) Actually, I manage to do way better at air combos in this game than in Infinite--but I still gotta learn (well, a lot, but also) to do the S+direction thing to get team air combos, at least according to the manual.
  paleface 22:48:56 02/12/21

I think I'm gonna stick to MvC2 (entry 1383) for my Marvel fixes. Thinking over this session with Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on PS4 afterwards, it occurred to me that things like the added "Special" button launcher and semi-auto air combos, ground combos, and X Factor combo booster purposefully turned every member of the cast this time around--and with further tweaks in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite (see entry 1396), the next game--into a generic combo machine; in 2, on the other hand, combo ability seems to vary quite a bit, and combos feel more organic and creative.
Similar global mechanic additions for lengthening combos have happened with most of the major fighting franchises--and are a big reason why I am not playing the most recent versions of most of them.
There's cool stuff in this game--the character colors and alt costumes especially--but the actual fighting system... Yeah, I'll stick with 2.
0:00 - start
1:36 - Auto Super Jump rant #1
4:45 - Arcade mode w/...Viewtiful Joe, Chris Redfield, Nova
18:57 - Hulk, Iron Fist, Wolverine (1cc)
37:14 - Iron Fist ending
37:56 - credits
44:16 - Auto Super Jump rant #2
46:08 - Hawkeye, Thor, Super-Skrull (1cc)
1:06:19 - Super-Skrull ending
1:07:52 - Ghost Rider, She-Hulk, Wesker
1:25:32 - wrap-up & what's next!
Was surprised that Auto Super Jump = On in "Operation Mode" settings doesn't actually make you jump after a "Special" attack button launcher move connects, you still have to press up to jump and follow the skyrocketing opponent. I *think* in Infinite the option, which is still there, *does* make you actually jump--but why keep a fix and its kludgy mechanic, anyway?
Aside from Chris' horror-show psycho-killer face, he wasn't actually that bad. Hulk bashed good, and Iron Fist seemed almost overpowered with his fast punches. Hawkeye could rip the AI pretty good just shooting arrows, Super-Skrull's multi-punch move was cool, but not sure what else; Ghost Rider seemed a lot different than in Infinite, Wolverine, Nova, and Thor didn't leave much of an impression, gameplay-wise, and Viewtiful Joe and She-Hulk were definitely weak links for me; She-Hulk in particular has moves that seem really awkward.
^ I'm leaving those notes in case I ever decide to come back to the game; until then, though, make mine MvC2!
  paleface 21:24:56 12/03/22

Okay well hopefully next time won't require as much dying & crying vs Galactus. : P I forgot you gotta bushwhack him with X-Factored super spam before he just decides to kill you with a death ray or whatever.
Think I came up with a better arcade stick button layout for myself, at least. I'd had a slightly jumbled MvC2-style one; googled it up and at least according to a GFAQs discussion, the default button layout is
and the common MvC2-style one is
(I'd had H and M swapped for some reason : P). I can't seem to hang with S in the lower left or the two Assist buttons in the lower right like the default; was worried the darn Special button being wedged in awkwardly around the three sort of arbitrarily arranged attack buttons would be confusing, but somehow it wasn't, just kind of became another attack button.
Oh but the Assist buttons weren't quite working for me: for some reason, the top one corresponded to the character shown at the BOTTOM of the health meters in the game, and the bottom one corresponded to the TOP character. WHAT. Why would that be that way. Well so I swapped 'em
which looks dumb but hey I didn't put 'em backwards on the darn UI; anyway this arrangement finally seems to work for me.
Also note to self since I had to go look this up again and hardly anyone actually bothers explaining it: unlike MvC2 where you hit a button combination to switch characters, or Infinite where it's a toggle button, here in 3 you gotta hold down an Assist button for a second to make the swap. Yeah it's really frustrating when say you're trying to swap out vs combo, sorta hit-laggy jerks around Galactus and you'd swear you held the darn button long enough but your team member sits there and gets annihilated instead of swapping out. ; P
Characters in general just get wiped out really fast in this one.
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