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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
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  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Fighting; loc=NA]
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for PS4 went on sale for $9.99 on the US PS Store yesterday, so here we are. : D
My recording got glitched when I paused briefly after about an hour to look up a FAQ--since the game has no digital manual or tutorial--so this is just the first hour of my poking through some of the options and modes, and looking at all the pretty character models and colors.

I hadn't planned to initially but I *did* stay up and actually played some Arcade matches for another half hour or so, and that part didn't make it into the recording--of course it was just completely n00bish flailing around in random teams, so I suppose you didn't miss much. I did at least learn--from a FAQ--how to tag in characters (hold Assist button down for a second or two) and do the "X-Factor" (press all four attack buttons), although I'm still slightly unclear on what benefits X-Factor gives you--move cancelling and maybe a speed boost?
So I'm gonna *hopefully* actually record some gameplay tomorrow. So far game has made not hate playing Frank West and Deadpool, which quite surprised that bodes well. ; )
I'm not yet sold on the visual style, which is a high-contrast and kinda hard to take in a lot of the time, or on most of the non-Arcade single-player modes; except that you *can* run a simulated VS CPU in Training mode--not yet sure if the difficulty there holds up (you can crank it up to Very Hard, it's just that a lot of the time the difficulty in Training/Practice modes acts like the difficulty in just the 1st match of an Arcade mode, ie easier than normal).
And the controls are a bit different from the other MvC games: three attack buttons, Light, Medium, and Heavy, which can be punch or kick, a fourth, "Special" button, which eh can also just be like a stronger attack button, or just do a *different* special move depending on the motion: for instance, with Ryu, LMH do fireballs with qcf, but S does an instant explodey ball thing. And then there are two Assist buttons, like MvC2, but to swap characters, as I mentioned earlier, you have to HOLD one of them for a second or two, which feels weird.
I do love the alternate costumes for some of the characters, like a MODAM skin ("Mental Organism Designed for Aggressive Maneuvers"--good acronym, not a great name :p) for MODOK ("Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing")--oh and an Elvis skin for him, too ^)^ (34'43), Storm's punk outfit (36'23), Cap's original shield (30'04), Hagar's leopard pants (22'58), Morrigan's classic win pose street clothes (13'46), and SF1 Ryu (12'46).
I really wish you could see thumbnails of them on the character select screen, instead of just numbers and colored character frame borders, which aren't much help--and you can't even see those numbers in the Gallery character viewer to match them up!
It is neat though that there's a bio for each character, plus a note telling you--for the Capcom characters--the game in which they first appeared, which I needed for some of them. : P
The ability to switch to the Japanese voices for the characters is a lifesaver for most of them, too; even though I can't understand them--or maybe because)--those actors are just much more pleasant to listen to, by and large.
  paleface 21:00:15 01/07/21

Some things I learned since recording yesterday or today's episode:
- You can see your selected costume on the character portrait immediately *after* selecting the costume. ... A little weird but at least you can then hit Circle to back up and try a different one if you got the wrong look.
- There *is* a software manual--it's under Gallery: Bonus Content. The built-in gallery viewer is awkward for reading but at least with some zooming and scrolling you can get through the thing. Doesn't cover Heroes & Heralds, but that mode has its own read-through tutorial.
- What do the "Player Points" you earn by playing the game (even in Training mode) do? Two things, from what I've now read: they unlock titles (:p), and, at 30,000 PP (you can see the total in the upper-right corner of the first page of your "License Card": hit R1 on main menu--I'm currently at 7852 :P) they unlock Galactus Arcade mode. I don't know exactly what that is since I don't want to spoil it for myself, although it sure sounds like you just play through as Galactus, which would be pretty darn ridiculous. ; )
(Hm at 1'19"39 for instance the health meter doesn't show for the "Heralds" of Galactus, but at 1'21"45, after the continue, it does. Wha? Oh, just before that first time stamp I reduced their health to zero. But they still went on for a while. Uhhh? Do they actually have separate meters but don't die until both are depleted, and you can only see one at a time?)
Fun game! Didn't expect to get so far on the third play-through (I did a few weak attempts yesterday), so yay! ^_^ Random team select kept giving me Spencer, whom I dislike playing in Infinite (he's also more of a boor in Infinite), but...he's actually decent fun to play here! Maybe I need to re-evaluate Infinite. = o ; ) Anyway fun times, and getting so far made me feel less insecure about my n00bishness at the game. ; ) Actually, I manage to do way better at air combos in this game than in Infinite--but I still gotta learn (well, a lot, but also) to do the S+direction thing to get team air combos, at least according to the manual.
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