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X-Men vs. Street Fighter
  opened by paleface at 17:48:52 10/05/20  
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Fighting; reg=NA]

This was the first of the 2-on-2 Marvel fighting games by Capcom, but got cut down to 1-on-1 on the PS1, with optional "team" super moves and the like to give the largely vestigial partner something to pretend to do. : ) Lots of animation cuts too. Still actually fun to play. : o Well okay except for the boss, the boss is a boring jerk. ; P Aaand it's got some load times I guess.
  paleface 00:45:04 12/25/20

Just skip the first half of this session. :Ppp I was trying out colors and play with some characters that interest me in X-Men vs. Street Fighter on PS1 (played on a PS2) and oh yeah, some Survival because I'd forgotten it's too easy :P (also slow--no speed select, and fast matches so the slow-ish load times feel worse).
Had a real hard time with the game--everything felt wroNg, I kept picking Normal rather than Turbo speed accidentally, I failed repeatedly to execute either of two versions of a supposed code to access a supposed secret menu--and I complained like a big jerk the whole time--until I finally started picking characters I actually like, like Zangief and Ryu. Suddenly it was the game I remembered liking, and the sun was shining (well no this was late at night), birds were singing (somewhere?), etc! : D
Mechanics stuff I should remember:
- two colors per character:
any Punch button = default colors
any Kick button = alt colors
*Does* work w/ remapped controls : )
- Team super w/ qcf + matching P+K (consumes two charges)
- Team counter w/ b,db,d + matching P+K (1 charge)
CPU uses team counter a lot to prevent tick damage from a blocked super. Probably smart thinking.
- Default difficulty two *looks* low and maybe is, but I get trashed every time I raise it to the more usual 4/8.
- Default turbo speed 1/4 looks low--just numerically, I mean--but game speed felt out of whack when I raised it to 2.
Fighting as Zangief was funny because his super(s?) seems to be a 360-degree move and I couldn't do it for beans, so I had to rely on team supers--and by the way team supers means as far as I can tell that it makes the most sense to choose a secondary character with a big, screen-spanning super--like Ryu.
And of course these games are made for Ryu to win so of course he was the character I finally got through that darn boss with--just big super-beaming him over and over, aside from jump-kicks to the face. :P
Funny too that then you have a play-off match between your two characters! Did they do that to simplify making the endings? This way they could just do one single-character ending.
Funny three: Ryu's ending. ^_^
  paleface 04:43:11 01/23/21
The full-screen white flash spawned by every single special/super move hit is kind of getting to me; think I'd better kind of avoid this one.
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