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Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
  opened by paleface at 17:40:33 09/16/20  
  last modified by paleface at 04:05:44 12/19/20  
  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Fighting; loc=NA]
1080p, widescreened (although you can set it back to 4:3 if you want) version of the Dreamcast/Naomi (see entry 1257) classic manic team fighting game. The true fans keep the DC flame burning for this game, but old softcore me appreciates the convenience, and extra sharpness, of this later version, which of course has everything unlocked from the get-go.
  paleface 18:39:06 09/16/20
Download added: ps3_mvc2_title.jpg (121845 bytes)
  "Title screen."
  paleface 18:43:04 10/08/20
  paleface 16:08:40 11/18/20
- there are two Wolverines! Metal claw Wolverine, and a bone claw Wolverine with fewer moves
- you can just pick the same character repeatedly?!?
- picking characters with a diff one of the 6 attack buttons gives different colors--not all of them good, necessarily!
- I still can't play Colossus :p
- Mecha Zangief lives! (back-uppercut+LK) But don't do his metal mode-only super (360+K or something), that will change him back
  paleface 00:58:02 11/29/20

Sure helps to have a big gun super vs the boss!
I finally realized the difference between Arcade Mode and Score Attack Mode is that in Score Attack Mode you can't continue--and I usually don't want to continue so I should play that mode! And the stage-transition background is green rather than blue. : P
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