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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
  opened by paleface at 16:53:33 10/09/20  
  last modified by paleface at 22:08:08 12/02/22  
  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Fighting; loc=NA]

I like this game. It's got a pretty good VS CPU mode and smooth action. I'm not all that keen on the "Infinity Storm" mechanic where one side just has to turtle for 5-10 seconds, but I guess you can't have everything. The recycled 3D models don't bother me that much since I didn't play MvC3, which looked way too fast and manic.
  paleface 18:06:01 12/10/20

Was just going with all Reality stone here, since that seems to be the only one I'm capable of putting to good use outside of the "Infinity Storm" thing.
The "Rematch" and "Character Select" options after a loss are handy.
Aside from one burst, seemed to struggle a bit with Spencer, plus he's just really annoying. Think I'll leave him alone for a while. Wasn't sure about my ability with Monster Hunter and Iron Man either, but after tinkering with them a bit, may not be so bad; I especially like Iron Man's jab-jab-jab-jab opener, and once I got into some kind of huge sword swiping blender thing with MH where one hit knocked the opponent down, the next hit them while they were down, the next hit knocked them back down, etc. And she does have some good fast non-bow attacks on her Kick buttons, just have to remember what the are.
Gamora's black and red armor is super-cool.
The boss fight is tedious. :P Took me forever with Hawkeye & Firebrand because I thought I could just sit back and pepper him with arrows, but somehow couldn't quite manage it; oddly, going in and hitting him with Hawkeye (and Firebrand) hand-to-hand combos was far more effective. Had a lot more fun/success with Firebrand than I thought I would!
Gotta remember to push Up on the stick to follow with an air combo after hitting the opponent with a down+HP launcher--after all, I did turn off the auto-follow option that does just that ages ago, thinking I should learn to do it properly. :p
  paleface 19:21:14 01/13/21

The difficulty setting for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite (PS4 version played here) has to be set EACH TIME YOU START A NEW GAME; it's done by pressing R1 from the character select screen, and you can't even see the difficulty setting without pressing R1 to access that option screen.
Why would it reset?!? We have save game functionality! GHAGHAHGAAAGHHH.
I *had* thought it merely reset each time you booted up the game on your PS4, so that I only had to do it once, at the beginning of the session--but nope, you gotta reset it each time you start another run, because it resets itself to Normal. So, when I thought I was playing on Hard in the previous several sessions, I was actually only on Hard for the first run--which was always brief, but I chalked it up to a team that just didn't click for me, or needing to warm up ;)--and was then actually on Normal, since the setting auto-reset to that and I didn't realize I had to reset it. :P
On the plus side, this doesn't mean I'm in danger of getting too good for the game. Far from it! I think at best I beat two matches in a row on Hard; and once I finally realized I was actually used to playing on Normal--having just *thought* I'd been playing on Hard--and played on Normal, I still didn't get all that far. Soooo well at least I can just play on Normal for the forseeable future. :PPPPPPPPP
How can you have a single-player fighting game without a persistent difficulty setting though arghgahghag
  paleface 22:50:21 02/12/21
From my latest in entry 1401, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: "I think I'm gonna stick to MvC2 for my Marvel fixes. Thinking over this session with Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on PS4 afterwards, it occurred to me that things like the added "Special" button launcher and semi-auto air combos, ground combos, and X Factor combo booster purposefully turned every member of the cast this time around--and with further tweaks in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, the next game--into a generic combo machine; in 2, on the other hand, combo ability seems to vary quite a bit, and combos feel more organic and creative.
Similar global mechanic additions for lengthening combos have happened with most of the major fighting franchises--and are a big reason why I am not playing the most recent versions of most of them."
  paleface 22:08:08 12/02/22

Had no idea what I was doing after all this time and flailed around a bit--although maybe slightly less than I thought I would. Accidentally got a juggle combo or two. Trying to combo into that one Arthur super all wrong, apparently.
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