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Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001
  opened by paleface at 04:03:26 05/24/05  
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  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Fighting; loc=JPN]
Capcom polished up their "ratio" and "groove" systems to come up with one hell of a configurable and fun fighting game here. You can choose from six "grooves" for your team, from something like Samurai Shodown's "Rage" meter to one of Street Fighter Alpha's "Isms"; or you can design your own in the Groove Editor. As for ratios, they aren't baked into characters now: you can set any of the tons of Capcom and SNK characters to whatever ratio you like, adding up to four points. Take a juggernaut four-point Eagle against four one-point whimps? Why not?
Like the previous one (see entry 813) you've also got a Color Edit mode here. In addition, there's a replay mode and a Network mode: I think you could play online via dialup service in Japan or something.
I like the happy-go-lucky style of the announcer here, although I know he annoys some folks. I also like the techno-pop music ("This is the true love we're makin'--True love we're makin', true love we're makin'...") and the highly-animated 3D backdrops--I still have a fondness for the high-res 2D backgrounds of the first game, but ah well, such is the inevitable march of what they call "progress." As with the first, the presentation is gorgeous, and what with the increased content, the game reaches a level of richness to which few fighting games can aspire.
Single-player Arcade mode is a little lengthier this time around, thankfully, but there's still nothing in the way of story or whatever. And, as with the previous one, the AI is sometimes a little suspect. With the beefed-up character roster and groove/ratio stuff to play with, though, you probably won't run out of variety any time soon.
Oh yeah, and instead of going down to four button SNK-style, this time they bumped everyone up to six button Capcom-style, which works nicely.
  paleface 04:09:26 05/24/05
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  "I flail around with characters whose moves I don't know."
No English language option, alas, so win quotes are in Japanese.
  paleface 01:22:43 05/26/05
Oh yeah, there's a Survival mode this time around, nice to have when you tire of the Arcade mode, which you probably will pretty quick. Speaking of which, I seem to recall that the Arcade-mode bosses are pretty nasty beasts, in contrast to the bosses in the prequel, who were actually not much more fearsome than the regular fights--I rather liked that.
  paleface 22:30:54 09/24/20

Note to myself: all I gotta do to unlock the things I want (Akuma, Rugal, their rainy stage, and Groove Edit Mode) is get through Arcade while scoring between 1000 and 1500 Groove Points (use ratio 4 King's Trap Shot--but not too much). Easy-peasy. : )
  paleface 18:08:59 11/08/20

I'd been thinking I'd stick with VERSUS (CPU) mode, but the difficulty level doesn't go all that high, and anyway it's kind of a pain to have to set up both teams for each match. And I'd thought I kind of hated Arcade Mode, but I'm not sure why--possibly because the boss battles are kind of ridiculous, but actually if you're bad at combos like me, and thus don't get many Groove Points, there isn't necessarily much danger Arcade Mode will even end at a boss! : D
Characters in CvS2 have 8 colors: the 6 action buttons, plus ABC and XYZ--normally those would be 3 punches/kicks each, but of course the game doesn't adjust to use your remapped buttons (grr Capcom why did you always, always fail to do this???), so for me it's LP,MP,MK and LK,HP,HK. And it seems like you may have to hold them for a split second--so don't try to peck all three at once quickly, but instead press and hold all three for a few seconds, maybe. (At any rate, with Iori/Terry/Rock for instance I had tried a 3-button color, quick-press-stylee, and had managed to fluff it on both Iori and Rock, leaving them with default colors. ; P)
Someone else put together an alphabetical character color chart: . The colors in this game are quite well done. : )
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