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Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Pro
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  "Cammy's a winner."

The "Pro" version of CvS adds light-hearted characters Joe Higashi (SNK) and Dan Hibiki (Capcom), tweeks a lot of little details about the fighting system and balance, and has everything unlocked from the start.
  paleface 10:34:30 09/18/20

Characters start with eight color sets, and I *think* you can add two more (at a time--but you can save multiples out to separate files if you want?) via the Color Edit Mode.
Which palette a character appears in depends on which of the four Dreamcast face buttons (not what you may have remapped them to in the game's Option Mode - Button Config. ; P) or combination thereof you press when selecting them from the character select screen:
- pressing a single face button gets you one of four colors
- four more colors from simple adjacent button pairs: X+Y (default punches), A+B (default kicks), X+A (default lights), Y+B (default heavies)
- two more(?) cross-button-pairs for any saved color edits ("Color1" and/or "Color2" will appear around character to indicate saved edit color presence?): X+B, A+Y
  paleface 11:04:07 09/18/20
The PS1 version (see entry 1353) seems to be significantly easier than this Dreamcast version: in the PS1 version, I could get to the boss regularly on the highest difficulty setting (8 of 8); on the DC so far, on difficulty 4 of 8 (2 was the default), I get to the boss just once in a while.
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