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Pocket Tennis Color
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  paleface [sys=NGPC; cat=Sports; reg=NA]
Decent game but not much more. Nothing to it besides playing exhibition games or going through tournaments (though I have heard that special trophies are available at certain times of year, oddly). You can choose among ten or so players of slightly differing stats and there are at least five different courts, though I can't tell that they play any different from each other.
That would all be fine and dandy if the base game were engrossing enough but it really isn't. The main problem I think is that the computer doesn't move on defense. He hits the ball to you and stays there, rooted to the spot (unless he's almost on top of the sideline, in which case he takes a few judicious steps back toward the middle). Needless to say, since you are able to move your own player after hitting the ball, you gain the position advantage on the CPU in every volley. The CPU also isn't too into difficult ball placement, and will happily serve you up a lob for a nice easy overhand smash. It's almost like the CPU was programmed to like people, and doesn't want to hurt your feelings by winning.
So that's kind of a downer. Aside from that, a few of the control issues from the black and white version remain, such as occasionally diving past a ball instead of just swinging at it, or a certain inability to hit balls returned high to your backhand. Other than that it isn't too bad. So if you want a nice easy, simple tennis game, you're all set here.
  paleface 23:12:54 02/25/24
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Pocket Tennis Color
By Yumekobo. Movement feels good until you try to coordinate it with hitting the ball, at which point I encounter mysterious whiffs, dives that take me away from the ball, and hits that often don't go in the direction I wanted. Feels more like ping pong than tennis a lot of the time. Some weird courts with hard-to-read nets. : P My old notes point out that the CPU doesn't move on defense, so you just hit it past them.
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