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King of Fighters R-2
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  paleface 06:03:43 02/28/04
Pocket fighting based on KOF '98, I think, and you've sure got that incredibly frustrating SNK-style beastly boss waiting for you at the end. That sort of thing kind of puts me off, and there's also the very unusual quirk here that the AI opponent juts stands still for two or three seconds at the beginning of the fight, giving you free hitsies to start off each round. Is that incredibly bizarre, or what? It couldn't have been accidental... so maybe it was a last-minute change to make the game easier or something? Really weird, and not that cool.
What is cool, on the other hand, is "Making Mode," where you take one of the characters on little quests... well okay they're just a series of fights under special conditions, like "win in 90 seconds" or "take damage over time" or "can't block." Completing a mission gets you a semi-random ability or two, and you can carry two of these with you into fights: abilities that raise the damage of your normal attacks, for instance, or your supers, or your defense, or let you jump higher, etc. It certainly keeps you busy for a while seeing what they can do. Eventually though, I don't know, you get to quests with that damn boss at the end (&$!!@$#?! Genocide Cutter!!! rrraaaaagggh!), and if he wins one round it's all the way back to the beginning and fight those first nine people (three per fight in this particular case) all over again. Up to that point it's fun.
Aside from Making Mode, what with the three-second AI black hole and all, there isn't a whole lot of reason to play this rather than, say R-1 (entry 362), which doesn't have that problem, or Match of the Millenium (entry 421), which doesn't have that problem and has pretty much all the characters, and more, along with slicker graphics.
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