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King of Fighters R-1
  opened by paleface at 02:06:26 12/02/03  
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  paleface [sys=NGP; cat=Fighting; loc=JPN]
The little greyscale game that kick-started SNK's ill-starred trip with the handheld gaming public. And quite a game it is with all the speed, control, sass, and super-cute deformed KOF characters that you'll find in the later color fighters, only here in stylish monotones. Of course it blurs a good deal on the NGP's screen and its a bit hard to see how someone could have got really into it playing it that way, but then you have to remember that at the time the next best thing were Takara's shrimpy KOF ports on GB (the last one of those was '96--R-1 is '97, essentially, like R-2 is to '98).
And besides, messing with that contrast knob to try to get it so that you can see both your fighter and the background at the same time is all part of the bonus fun!
Seriously though, darn fine fighting game by any standard. Pretty much zippo in the way of extras--so you'll just play the main game over and over and like it, you Nancy!
  paleface 06:50:01 06/25/22 [relations updated]
With its Contrast knob, the single-screen flashes on Kyo's super for instance weren't so bad on my somewhat photosensitive old eyeballs. Oh huh and whereas in MotM (see entry 421), Ryo's circle back, circle forward+P multi-hit super flashes the screen rapidly, it doesn't flash at all in R-1.
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