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The King of Fighters Orochi Comp. (NeoGeo Online Collection v.3)
  opened by paleface at 03:57:50 04/25/06  
  last modified by paleface at 18:29:26 05/17/24  
  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Fighting; reg=JPN]
The title is actually "Compilation," not "Comp."; I just ran out of room there. Eh.
"Orochi" compiles KOF '95, '96, and '97, in what seem--to me, the non-hardcore SNK fan--like very faithful ports of the AES versions of these old NeoGeo fighting games, right down to the NeoGeo startup splash screen. They don't have much added in to the old ROMs, aside from a button remap function on the Pause screen. I do wish they'd added in movelists, but at least the manual has those. Like the other installment of the NeoGeo Online Collection I've seen (see entry 1012), Orochi doesn't support progressive scan, something of a step backwards from a lot of SNK's recent work.
'96 and '97 have Japanese/English language toggles; kinda weird that '95 doesn't.
The games have a very small initial load time, and seemingly none after that.
So, there you have it! Aside from the lack of progressive, a very nice collection. Even though these aren't my favorites in the series, they've got a vivacity to them that just makes them fun to mess around with. Ah, back in the days when the world seemed SNK's oyster!
  paleface 04:02:43 04/25/06
Oh, yeah, there's an Arranged soundtrack option, and color edit. Haven't tried those. There may be other language options besides English/Japanese in '95 and '96, but I'm not gonna pretend I care enough to check.
  paleface 04:09:07 04/25/06
Download added: 95_char_select.gif (66763 bytes)
  "Gotta love the brown background on the '95 character select screen. Eww..."
Right, and there's online match-making with the Japanese KDDI service, which of course I'm never going to be able to try.
  paleface 03:36:29 08/21/09
A PS2 compilation called "The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga" came out in the States two and a half years after this Japanese release, and included KOFs '94 through '98.
  paleface 02:12:11 07/02/18
The US "The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga," at least judging by the PS4 version of the PS2 release, does not have Arranged soundtracks, has quite a bit more input lag, uses the arcade rather than the home versions of the games, so you don't get the home version additional characters or modes (except for a sort of hackneyed Practice mode for each game), awkward load times right before rounds, and definite stutters at times. Not great.
  paleface 18:29:26 05/17/24
In PCSX2, set Interlacing - No Deinterlacing.
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