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The King of Fighters '97 Global Match
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  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Fighting; loc=NA]
Code Mystics port of the arcade fighting game.

I was one of those who railed against the "interframe blending" or whatever you call it (I think the game calls it "Flicker Filter") where the game blends the previous frame halfway into the current frame; Code Mystics did this to prevent flicker of say the old on/off character shadows--but it also causes ghosting of everything. By the time they made this port they were making it an option you can toggle off.

These days though it actually helps my old eyes not get freaked out and migraine me from SNK's screen flashing FX. And even though this was the first KOF with the new, smaller hit FX, they went crazy with screen flash FX--on supers, on counter hits, on round end, on round end with super, etc--so it's still just about their flashiest game; it was the apex, right before that Pokemon episode that gave some 300 Japanese kids seizures and got SNK to give KOF games an option to toggle Flash off (which unfortunately nobody uses :PP), starting with '98.

The port probably adds a frame or so of input delay, like other Code Mystics PS4 ports I've crudely tested.
Oh and they added rollback netcode.
Anyway, with Flicker Filter on, I think I MAY be able to stand the flashing. You can't turn supers off either--this is a port of the AES version--so it's just gonna be wild on eyeballs, but in a sorta smooth way. Hopefully.
Code-unlocked characters are selectable by default from the character select screen here, which is handy. I see that Chinese tier lists ban O.Iori and O.Leona for being overpowered. ; ) (This game is reportedly to this day huge in China, apparently largely because it's so crazy and unbalanced.)
The maybe a tad too fancy high definition menus aren't quite as nice visually as their Garou and Last Blade 2 ports. They do have in-game move lists and all that stuff.
  paleface 00:15:43 03/03/23

I had always turned off 97 GM's Flicker Filter option immediately because I didn't like the "frame ghosting" effect it produced, but now years later it suddenly occurred to me out of the blue that it would also mellow out the game's numerous flashing/strobing FX, possibly allowing me to play the game without getting a migraine--and so far, so good! ^ )^
97 is by far the craziest KOF and I think I might kind of love it. It was also the apex of their flashing FX, right before that Pokemon episode gave 300 Japanese kids seizures and they gave the upcoming KOF 98 a Flash=Off option and stopped adding red flashes to every single thing they could think of. ; )
Even the story here gets downright nutty and arcade mode seems to go on really long compared to 2000, too. Was worried about that darned Orochi boss guy (I knew I hated Chris ;P) but uh well on the default difficulty 3 at least he was surprisingly not too bad.
Sort of forgot I already have the Steam version of KOF UM FE; checked and it doesn't have a Flicker Filter option--the Steam version definitely pre-dates their PS4 SNK ports, so I guess they just hadn't come up with that option prior to that, or at least not when they were doing FE originally; and checking videos of the much more recent PS4 version, I don't see any frame ghosting in those, so the PS4 version probably doesn't have the Flicker Filter option either--unlike, as far as I can tell from videos, their PS4 2002 Unlimited Match port, whose videos on YouTube DO show frame ghosting; but they never did an earlier port of 2002 so for that one they'd have had to do new code, so kinda makes sense it would get their newer options.
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