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Garou: Mark of the Wolves
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  "The graphically slick second original NEOGEO intro, which you only get to here after ending a game."
Emulated port by Code Mystics whose otherwise slick front-end is marred by some glaring errors and mystifying UI decisions. Typos in move lists, and for instance watch out that the "Flash" and "Demo Cut" option settings are the opposite of what they are in every other edition of SNK fighting games: here, bizarrely, you turn Flash to "On" to turn the full-screen flashing VFX from super moves and the like *off*, and you turn "Demo Cut" "On" to *not* cut out win screens, cinematic preludes, and stage intros. Sheesh!
Pixel-perfect scaling leaves the graphics sharp, sounds seems good--no AST option, alas, but then, Code Mystics pretty much does straight emulation, for the most part. There are (clunky) pause screen move lists, and online, but the online doesn't have the rollback net code option Code Mystics has experimented with in some of their other offerings--it's still all delay based, as far as I can see from the setup and options screens.
Controls seem responsive; if this is like other Code Mystics emulated ports I've checked in the past, it may have just about maybe 1 additional frame of delay over the arcade version, not too bad. (But note that I haven't bothered to test this even on my very rough testing scheme, so no promises. :p)
  paleface 00:14:19 10/18/20

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