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Garou: Mark of the Wolves
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  "The graphically slick second original NEOGEO intro, which you only get to here after ending a game."
Emulated port by Code Mystics whose otherwise slick front-end is marred by some glaring errors and mystifying UI decisions. Typos in move lists, and for instance watch out that the "Flash" and "Demo Cut" option settings are the opposite of what they are in every other edition of SNK fighting games: here, bizarrely, you turn Flash to "On" to turn the full-screen flashing VFX from super moves and the like *off*, and you turn "Demo Cut" "On" to *not* cut out win screens, cinematic preludes, and stage intros. Sheesh!
Pixel-perfect scaling leaves the graphics sharp, sounds seems good--no AST option, alas, but then, Code Mystics pretty much does straight emulation, for the most part. There are (clunky) pause screen move lists, and online, but the online doesn't have the rollback net code option Code Mystics has experimented with in some of their other offerings--it's still all delay based, as far as I can see from the setup and options screens.
Controls seem responsive; if this is like other Code Mystics emulated ports I've checked in the past, it may have just about maybe 1 additional frame of delay over the arcade version, not too bad. (But note that I haven't bothered to test this even on my very rough testing scheme, so no promises. :p)
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I've never really felt like I grasped Rock's move set, and I particularly detest the counter move and dash-in move on his Kick buttons; differences in his Light and Heavy moves also make me detest, in general, the way Garou differentiates between the two more than necessary; for instance, why not let a H move activate your S Super (the weaker one) when you only have S-level meter, instead of restricting it to the L button only? (And, separately, why do motion command inputs seem so strict, really prohibiting any corner-cutting, for instance? Is that how Garou works--man do I need to get the interlaced PS2 version?--or is that PS4 version devs Code Mystics' doing?)
But anyway, necessity in this play-through eventually drove me to found that, quite unusually for a fighting game, Rock's jumping Heavy Punch can combo into standing Heavy Punch. This led me to find all sorts of sort of unusual combos from jumping Heavy Punch; for instance,
Rock can do
or even
but not
or you can
but not
oh and you can combo supers off jHP too
So, I at least feel like I have an angle of attack on the AI (particularly Grant) with Rock, now, whereas before I was literally flailing with him: I was doing better futilely trying to execute his 360+HP throw, and accidentally hitting with all the other HP moves that were coming out instead, than I was trying to do other moves on purpose. : P Less flaily now, woo.
Oh and Rock's colors:
LP = red jacket
LK = blue jacket
HP = green jacket
HK = purple jacket, kinda weird hair
And, it was a chance to remind myself that I really like Garou's Survival mode. Most Survival modes feel grindingly fatalistic to me as successive battles inevitably chip away at my tiny allotment of life points until I die at about the same spot each time. By introducing random powerups, popped out of the opponent by your blows--and even power-down powerups, and the opponent can grab any of them, too--hilarious when they bump into the Life-down ones! ^_^--SNK introduced uncertainty into the mix, forcing you to adopt different tactics depending on the available resources: do I need to guard my life most zealously, for instance, or go for risky but more quickly damaging moves because I'm low on Time points? It feels gamey but sometimes in a game...that's good. : D
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