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Garou: Mark of the Wolves
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  "Disc shot."
Japanese version of "Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves" (see entry 1285). The US version uses the Japanese voices, so the only difference here--almost--is that the story mode text is in Japanese rather than English--unlike many Japanese ports of Neo*Geo games, the MotW ports only contained a single localized ROM, so there's no language toggle option, blah.
The other difference is that this version does not suffer from noisy disc access sounds while using the default "Arranged" sound track music option; for some reason the North American version scrapes and grinds loudly.
Oh and the art design on this version's disc cover is nicer, but seems to have been pretty typical for the Japanese vs NA Dreamcast discs by SNK from this time. It's like the packaging people in the States would get the really cool Japanese disc design and be like "Yeah... This is a little too cool for Americans, we'd better generify it so it won't challenge or disturb them in any way."
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