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The King of Fighters '95
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This fairly early PS1 port by SNK would be all right except that it only allows you to assign attacks to the face buttons; you can't assign them to the PS's four shoulder buttons, which stinks for most arcade stick users, since those usually have rows of buttons split between face and shoulder mappings, so in effect you can't use a single row of buttons--as it would have been in the arcade--in this game if you're using an arcade stick. Booooo!
Pretty sure that some animation detail has been lost in this port from the arcade to the less powerful PS1 hardware, but they did a good job of picking which corners to shave off, and the gameplay still seems pretty lively, and looks okay.
The load times are pretty bad, and I guess it was to reduce them that they split the main game mode selection screen off into a subscreen from the initial menu/title screen; they also split off the animated arcade intro (which they confusingly assign to a "Game Demo" menu item)--this splitting would happen for most of the PS1 KOF ports. That's more or less aesthetic, but you also have to endure load times--again in all these PS1 ports--between rounds when playing the main 3-on-3 team mode, and that gets wearisome.
In addition to the regular Team and Single modes, there's a "Single All" mode where it looks like you fight one at a time against all characters, probably with the boss at the end; no regular "endless" Survival mode.
There's a save-stage service here when you end and start a game, so you can (I think--didn't actually try) load back up to the furthest point you got to in the main arcade/story mode, which is nice. This option is not kept for the rest of the KOF port series as far as I've seen (it does resurface in a much later Dreamcast port of another SNK game: "Garou: Mark of the Wolves"--see entry 1286).
So, decent port aside from the button mapping issue. I won't try going into gameplay here because it won't be quite as good as in later ports; I really should write up something about it for the PS2 "Orichi" collection, though (see entry 1048).
  paleface 20:12:09 09/15/20
This PS1 version doesn't have a red screen flash on KO (or is it match end? Well whichever) like the NEOGEO, and later console ports have! Hm! Well, I can play this version. : )
  paleface 00:19:24 10/20/20
Oops, nope, I can't play this version. There's a white strobe when KOing a character with a special move. (Also a lightning flash intro to the Korea stage...again...and possibly more stuff.)
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