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The King of Fighters '96
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  "Disc shot."
This would be a decent port of KOF '96, considering it had to be converted from the Neo*Geo arcade machine to the less powerful PS1 hardware, but the load times in this year's outing are really bad; significantly worse than in the port of KOF '95 (see entry 1289), which was already pretty bad; they inserted load meters here, perhaps trying to make sure you didn't think the game had locked up, but they still feel like really looooong load meters.
This Japanese version has full English language support, and a killer Shinkiro illustration of Iori (not usually one of my favorite characters with that sorta flame goth look of his) on the disc label.
As in the '95 port, the menus are sort of split up funkily, perhaps to reduce load times somehow. There is a timed ("time attack" style) "Survivor" mode in addition to the usual Team and Single arcade/versus modes.
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