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Ore no Ryouri
  opened by paleface at 19:57:23 08/31/03  
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Cooking; reg=JPN]
Crazy cooking game where you play a short-order chef preparing meal ingredients with dual analog control, for instance to pour a beer you use the left stick to tilt the glass and the right stick to control the beer spigot: fill it right to the top without too much head and the customer is happy and the restaurant prospers. You also get to make soup, chop vegetables, kill roaches, and other fun activities.
The flat cartoon art style, constant voice clips and incessant action (you'll often have five or more orders begging for attention simultaneously) will keep you twiddling those sticks like there's no tomorrow. Dang hard for me to get anywhere on "Normal" difficulty even, and I'm a darn good beer pourer if I do say so myself. Do well enough to pass a level and you're challenged in a split screen cook-off combat. There's also a split-screen Vs mode you can play with a friend.
Very weird, very challenging, quite fun.
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