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Gacharoku 2
  opened by paleface at 02:03:02 10/03/04  
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Party; reg=JPN]
More of the same of the first Gacharoku (see entry 92) and, if you liked that one, that isn't such a bad thing. I have to admit that it was slightly disappointing to find that this is really more of an expansion pack than a sequel, as most of it is just a remake of the minigame madness of the first, now in full cartoon 3D.
The 3D transition isn't as bad as you might think. For instance they can now add new minigames that take advantage of the third dimension to a degree that the first game could not. On the other hand, perhaps a little of the charm of the strongly-drawn sprites is lost, though they're still present in cutscenes and menus.
There are 60 minigames now, which is quite a lot. The domestic games are pretty much just 3D remakes, and the board game is as incomprehensible as ever.
So it doesn't break any ground that wasn't broken by the first one, but with more games added you will most likely be reaching for this version when you have three friends over in search of analog-control party game madness.
  paleface 02:13:33 10/03/04
Gah! I was going to say that if you're unlucky (and haven't memorized the name/icons for the minigames yet) you'll stumble across a quiz show minigame. There are three or four of 'em, I think, and they're all equally incomprehensible to non-Japanese speakers.
  paleface 02:18:30 10/03/04
The game comes (or at least mine did) with an envelope containing a world calendar with a cool drawing of characters from all around the world, as well as lots of funny stickers and things.
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