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Sonic Mega Collection
  opened by paleface at 22:06:51 08/31/03  
  last modified by paleface at 12:27:18 03/05/24  
  paleface [sys=GC; cat=Platformer; reg=NA]
I never really "got" Sonic. I missed the whole 16-bit scene, so I picked this up in the hopes that it would help explain something of why this silly spikey-headed mascot with "attitude" merited all this attention. Well, I still don't really get it.
The colors are too darn glaring, the music irritating, the slow slogging up hills frustrating. I hate losing all my coins every time I get hit and then having to pick them up again, and I can't get comfortable with having to get through each stage as quickly as possible but also needing to collect all those darn coins scattered around everywhere. And there's all this emphasis on speed but many of the levels are specifically designed to slow you down.
The only game in the collection that particularly interested me was "Sonic Spinball" but in addition to the usual tacky Sonic colors and music, the clunky framerate and highly questionable physics make this one unpleasant. At least the other graphic demos--I mean Sonic games, run smoothly. Well, I still don't get it, but at least I've seen them now.
  paleface 02:35:03 09/07/03
Doesn't support progressive scan output.
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