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World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 International
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Sports; loc=NA]
An understated stunner. At first the control feels jerky, the graphics look blocky, the menus seem dense and you can't make sense of the bumbling announcers. But after playing a match or two the feeling of watching, and now participating in, a professional football match really sinks in.
It's mainly the passing I think, or maybe the fact that your teammates actually seem to know what they're doing (while I'm the ball-hogging blunderer). You can't just pound the ball downfield arcade-style here, it'll get taken away immediately and not only that, they'll probably counter-attack and threaten your goal pretty severely. Also, you can't hack away on defense--I managed two red cards on my first two slide-tackles. Darn floppers! =P
There's an amazing amount of depth here and I've quite literally only skimmed the surface of the menus (the only-semi-interactive tutorial mode sucks, however). I can only imagine what an 8-player multiplayer match would be like.
Pity that they don't have the license to use the real club and player names (darn FIFA) but if you care enough you can, of course, customize those in the Edit mode.
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