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World Soccer Winning Eleven 7 International
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  "Basic control is simple but they'll also take you much, much deeper. Dive!"
Well I can't help feeling a big of a sucker for getting this over the slightly updated Japanese game of the same name that came out two days later in Japan, but seeing as how I'm not a completely obsessive nut I think I'll get over it (besides I have no way to download the modified options file to switch the player names to English (although the rest of the Japanese version text, aside from the names, can be switched to English, I hear)).
First impressions are very good, graphics have improved quite a bit over the generic RenderWare engine used for the previous version (entry 303) and perhaps inspired the dev team to include many more animations and speed up the gameplay just a tad, giving the whole thing a much springier, active feeling. The AI seems sharper, even on low difficulty, and four-player co-op is more fun than ever (some day I *will* play this eight-player!).
  paleface 02:55:18 02/24/04
By the way, as in 6 the tutorial sucks, you don't get to play the moves but just tap the buttons as the demo pauses. Sure you can read the description of the maneuver and see someone else play it out, but this really doesn't help nearly as much as a concentrated real-time drill would have. I can't blame them for putting the dev time into the game proper rather than the tutorial though.
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