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Cannon Spike
  opened by paleface at 15:16:53 08/17/03  
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  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Shooter_3D; reg=North_America]
Usually when you spike a cannon, it backfires something fierce.
Well, that's got nothing to do with this game. Like their Zero Gunner 2, Psikyo has you locking on to targets and revolving around them while shooting a rapid fire weapon, only here you're using an old Capcom character like Arthur or Cammy (mmm, Cammy) instead of a helicopter. And like any good shooter you have a limited stock of super bomb attacks, plus here you've got a hand-to-hand melee attack for those times where you want to get down and dirty.
The mighty fine graphics, unusual bosses and character selection extend the replay value quite a bit, not to mention the fact that it gets pretty challenging in the later stages and your continues are limited. Not the most spellbinding shooter, perhaps because dodging in this rotational scheme isn't quite as pure as in a straight horizontal or vertical shooter, but should be particular fun in two-player mode where the unique character abilities will make for a wide range of team strategies.

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