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Neo Drift Out
  opened by paleface at 04:22:54 02/03/04  
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  paleface [sys=PCB; cat=Driving; reg=NA]
There's a type of game that I can't help being drawn to again and again even though I know it's bad for me, that it will reject me and leave me staring dazedly and the shattered remnants of my own self-pride. This category is known as "Blazingly Fast and Loud But Difficult Arcade Action Games," or BFALBDAAG for short. Neo Drift Out is one such game.
You race one of three cars (but is there any choice? take the fastest, schmuck). You race in the jungle. You race in the desert... which is a lot like jungle and forest too except with different color palettes on the bystanders and roadsides. Maybe slightly different music. You race in those chilly northern climes with ice, which of course is slippy-slidey as all scientific theory says it must be. You do this on short little non-looped tracks with shortcuts, cans to knock over, and the occasional opportunity to catch a little air. You are a large car sprite in an isometric world. You are mighty.
Except for the time limit. The time limit is merciless. Sure at first it gives you some slack, but that's just to suck you in and start slobbering away your quarters like a cheap... well, you know. And it does, oh it does. Or it would if I wasn't playing this on freeplay on a friend's machine. But it would.
Control is super tight with nary a slowdown in sight. I like the sound effects--backfires, skids, screeches, and the so-very emotional announcer ("Oh no!"). There's a brake button, I'm told, but of course like in any racing game worth its salt, you really don't want to use the brake button. It's tips like this that have made me the success that I am, of course. I can almost get to track three.
· Super R.C. Pro-Am (GB)

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