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Super R.C. Pro-Am
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  "Super R.C. Pro-Am handles kinda like Neo Drift Out."
Someone sent me this for free and to my surprise it turned out to be okay. I think I remember playing, but not owning, the NES version, but I can't remember much about it. Here you take those little remote-control cars on the go, and with Super GameBoy coloring on the GB Player they look surprisingly good.
There's a little slowdown when all four cars are onscreen, but not much, and in general the turns come hard and fast. Control is super-slidey, we're talking maybe even more than Neo Drift Out (see entry 385) but in the same ridiculous drift vein, if somewhat more sluggish to turn. It shows the turn arrows on the track a little early, and I keep having to resist the urge to turn just then because it sends me right into the side wall.
You press Start and you're off and racing in the first race--not much in the way of frills here. Your RC car gets upgraded for you between races, I'm not really sure what the point of that is, except you get th thrill of seeing that you've moved up from a 6.0V battery to a 7.2V battery, or something. There doesn't seem to be any save function, or even a password, so you play until you drop or run out of continues (five or so, perhaps?). If you get first or, I think, second place, you go on to the next track.
I have on idea how many tracks there are, but they certainly start getting progressively more difficult, with more and more turns and on-track hazards like oil slicks. Fortunately, the AI racers are dumb as all heck, and don't get the weapon powerups (mines and rockets so far) that you do. Blow them away mercilessly! Less fotunately, they rubber-band something fierce, so no matter how much you're working them over, one back turn could spell disaster.
Your car, while in many ways sturdy--smash it into other cars as much as you like, for instance--will shatter into component tires with shocking ease at times, for instance if you hit an oil slick and then collide with the outside corner of a turn. Boom! You really only lose a half-second or so from this though because it puts you right back on the track.
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