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SuperLite 1500 Series: Bomb Boat
  opened by paleface at 05:16:51 02/07/04  
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Puzzle; reg=JPN]
A little 1500 Series game from Success, and rarely would 1500 Yen have got you as much pure joyful arcade puzzle action as this beauty.
Somewhat Ms. Pac-Man-like, you propel your cute little big-mouthed blob creature around a succession of slightly varying mazes, gobbling the goodies in your path just as fast as you can. Eat everything in view and its on to the next stage for more eating! Surely everyone can heartily understand and endorse this kind of pursuit.
There are 99 or 100 stages and I can happily say that I've played through them all in a single sitting with a friend. Yep, this game has two-player co-op, and a joy it is, even if it may be trickier than single-player because if your partner kills a baddie, said baddie may respawn right in front of you.
Ah yes, let's not forget the killing. Your blob creature can drop an unlimited number of gigantic bombs as he or she trundles around eating. Is this not the dream of children everywhere? Live it, live it here, friend. Bombs only stun the bad suspiciously ghost-like monsters on direct contact, but if dropped on one of the many rope bridges in each stage, they sink the bridge and anyone on it. Glub glub! To everyone's delight the bridge (and the bad guys) respawn shortly thereafter, and as a bonus the newly reformed bridge has a tasty seafood snack or powerup for you. This game loves you.
Oh right, the boats. Cunningly-moored speedboats will jet you from one branch of the maze to another but they sink immediately after you land, so sparing use is advised. Hilarity ensues in multiplayer when your friend steals the boat that would have saved your bacon right in front of your very nose!
The peppy, vaguely Caribbean music keeps you trundling away through maze after maze, even while the peppy, vaguely Caribbean 2D graphics may start blurring your vision with glaringly bright colors after, say, the first hour. And that horribly bright pre-rendered animating "ocean wave" tile background, how you'll learn to love it just all to pieces! To ensure you don't simply burst from all that love, you may want to take that in short doses.
Brilliant little game, not to be missed, tasty seafood, 1500 Yen!
· Splash Lake (PCCD)

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