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Psyvariar 2: The Will to Fabricate
  opened by paleface at 04:59:17 03/07/04  
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  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Shooter_Vert; reg=JPN]
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  "Facing a boss over a molten crater he creates."
This is a lovely game, the trance/trip music is particularly delightful.
  paleface 06:14:29 03/21/04
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  "Psyvariar 1 and 2"
I still got no idea what "The Will to Fabricate" means, but it's no lie when I say that this game rocks the house. It's the best buzz you can get, short of some expensive liqueurs maybe, as the two different characters power up by buzzing or shooting at different rates, requiring different strategies. You also buzz power up faster or slower depending on how rapidly you kill things. When you level up, which can happen a lot (you can end up with power level in the hundreds), you're temporarily invulnerable.
Thanks to the power of the internet I've learned that the really |337 thing to do is to find yourself a particularly dense bullet pattern, wait for your next level up, then dive in to the middle of the pattern and spin there (spinning is done by shaking the stick left/right to start the spin, then just continuing to hold any direction--unlike the prequel (entry 210) where you had to keep shaking back and forth), probably shooting at the same time to help stay invulnerable in a repeating level up state. This is hard to do but can get some impressive buzz chains and scores.
Psyvariar 2 looks great, plays great, sounds great, and has vertical tate. Doesn't get much better than that. I've got three or four other games with "buzzing" in some form or other but the buzz system here is by far the most compelling as far as I'm concerned. This one could keep me busy for a long time to come.
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