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Gunbird 1 & 2
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  "Hey, it's Valpiro! Gunbird 2 char select screen."
Starting off with the screenies...
  paleface 02:22:51 03/09/04
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  "Yuan Nang livens up the Gunbird (1) character selection screen. She doesn't show in "
Oop, that Alucard shot is from Gunbird 2.
  paleface 04:33:47 03/09/04
References added: 109, 110
I've mostly covered the two Gunbird games already (PS1 version of Gunbird in entry 109, DC version of Gunbird 2 in entry 110) so all I have to do here is talk about the peculiar aspects of this dual port of Gunbird and Gunbird 2 to PS2.
Don't expect much in the way of extras. It'd have been nice if they'd included an art gallery like the PS1 version, but no. The main extra you get is a Practice Mode where you can pick a stage and various character settings and go at it. That's pretty handy come to think of it. You can also change from the default random order for the early stages to a specific order, which is kind of nifty as well. But that's it, I swear!
Both support vertical mode--and thank goodness after the vertically-lacking PS1 Gunbird (those of you with the Saturn version won't care at all I suppose). A few of the beginning screens, particularly the character selection screen for Gunbird, look like they've been squooshed square to accomodate both horizontal and vertical display, but that could just be in my head.
Haven't seen any slowdown in Gunbird so far, huzzah! Gunbird 2, on the other hand... Oh dear. Maybe it's because the games are on CD rather than DVD, but the port of Gunbird 2 has--brace yourself--loading breaks right before boss battles. Egads! There you are all pumped up to watch the cute little slideshow conversation where you trashtalk the bosses and then start blasting at them when WAIT! Let's freeze the screen and watch the "loading" sprite wave its arms for a moment. Yuck. The DC version doesn't have that... so I'll just be sticking with the nice VGA-lovin' DC version, thank you very much.
At least Gunbird (1) is a good port as far as I can see. I've noticed now that a few of the characters' powered up weapons have *really* annoying impact sounds. In fact I almost have a smidge of a headache now after using the robot. Also some of the bosses do this really painful flashing thing when hit. Ouch. Or maybe I should stop playing and just get some sleep...
  paleface 05:39:13 03/09/04
Whoopsie, Gunbird 2 is one of those rare DC games that is not VGA-compatible. So ignore that part.
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