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Zero Gunner 2
  opened by paleface at 00:38:49 05/12/05  
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  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Shooter_4way; reg=JPN]
Psikyo made a fine go at 3D in this inspired top-down helicopter shooter. One button fires, the other pops up a pivot point in front of your helicopter, around which you can spin to rotate your angle of fire. Press both together and you fire off a powerful charge attack, using energy collected from jewels dropped by defeated enemies.
The rotation thing works brilliantly (for one thing, you can pivot faster by moving forward into the pivot point, as this decreases your rotation radius) and allows Psikyo to send enemies flying in at you from all sides. Bosses in particular have crafty ways of circling you, forcing you to keep rotating to keep up.
I don't generally notice sound much in games, particularly shooters, but the sound effects here seemed particularly crisp and clear. Yay, sound!
The game follows the scheme of most of Psikyo's shooters, where the first stages come in random order, but increase in difficulty as you go by increasing the bullets fired at you, etc. And it works just was well here as it does in their other games, which is to say that it works great!
By the way, I like this game.
Congrats to Psikyo on pumping out some tasty graphics with this thing, too. I don't know how they learned to do 3D so well and so quickly after all that time doing great 2D, but they managed it somehow. Their transforming bosses can now go through hugely impressive 3D transformations as the camera pans around them, giving the boss fights a little extra luster.
  paleface 00:40:43 05/24/05
There's at least one loop after you get through the levels; maybe more, for all I know. It starts getting harder. You unlock more credits and eventually Free Play as you play.
There's a demo mode where you can save your replays to VMU or something. I haven't tried it myself. But there's a superplay-style replay saved on the game disc showing someone playing through the whole game.
  paleface 01:03:28 05/26/05
Two-player is really fun, you can set some great crossfires thanks to the rotation thing.
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