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SuperLite 2000 Series: ZOOO
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Puzzle; reg=JPN]
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  "Two-player action. The oddest conversations come up at times like this."
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  "ZOOO on GBA and PS2"
Very similar visually and gameplay-wise to the GBA version (see entry 368), the PS2 version adds a Vs. mode with an extra-wide playfield, where only one of the two players can be flipping a match at a time--so you have to fight for point-scoring time by being ready to flip your match just as soon as the last one ends. Like the rest of the game, oddly and fiendishly addictive. Very nice semi-chill music.
  paleface 02:52:01 04/30/12
Playing a bit of "Normal" and then "Quest" modes:

Not sure what all the randomly assigned quests are--most are pretty simple, like get x number of combos, x number of this animal, etc.
The other modes are Score Attack, Time Attack, and one where you level up when you reach 100 in any animal.
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