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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Shooter_Vert; reg=Japan]
A vertical shoot-'em-up with a lot of innovative features but perhaps not enough plain fun. Ground targets have to be hit by separate weapons than air targets, Xevious-like, only the ground weapons take some charge time to lock and fire and have very low range. Ugh--why put complicated mechanics in the way of blowing the hell out of stuff?
Almost as annoying, you don't have multiple lives--instead, you can take three or four hits per life, which you may not even notice because the only indication is a quiet thud sound and your ship flickering a bit. Bluh.
There are four selectable ships, each with a different pilot and story, but the interminable mission briefings and story sequences look incredibly boring and cannot be skipped. When there are no ground targets about the shooting can be fairly fun, aside from unpredictable spots of slowdown. The bosses, unlike the rest of the game, are in 3d, which would be a cool juxtaposition except that they're incredibly boring to fight and their textures are noticeably lower detail than the 2d sprites.
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