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Alien Crush
  opened by paleface at 03:40:12 05/27/04  
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  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Pinball; reg=JPN]
Precursor to Naxat's later pinball game, "Devil Crash," Alien Crush plays a mighty fine game of video pinny. Sure you only get one table but they make the most of it, with Geigeresque biomechanical morphing forms that change the table configuration around as you play, plus mini bonus tables when you get the right combination of points and chutes and things.
The graphics are shiny dark and creepy, and two selectable music tracks suitably spooky. But the main stars here are the physics and the inventive ways in which the table transforms as you begin to break it down with pinpoint ball-slinging.
Speaking of which, although the physics are excellent, I find it somewhat difficult to aim shots in this game as compared with other video pinball games. Not sure why, maybe the flippers are a bit shorter than normal, or set at a different angle or something--or maybe I'm just losing my touch. And I have to say that keeping the screen still and flipping abruptly between upper and lower views isn't quite as smooth-sailing as scrolling the table, especially if the ball bounces up and down a few times at mid-table. Anyhoo, aside perhaps from Devil Crash, Alien Crush is easily the finest 8 or 16-bit pinball game I've ever seen.
  paleface 20:40:56 02/24/19
· Devil Crash (PCE)

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