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Devil Crash
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Sequel to Naxat's "Alien Crush" (entry 504), and one mighty fine video pinball game indeed. Crash scrolls smoothly up and down its three screen height (unlike Crush, which flipped from screen to screen), and those three screens are chock-full of evolving demonic pinball goodness. Literally demonic, I mean, as in pentagrams and demons and so forth. These people aren't playing around here, this is pinball for the sake of your soul!
As in Crush you'll find your way to a number of bonus screens, and the "enemies" if you will seem more inventive and better realized here than in Crush, which was certainly no slouch. As in the prequel the physics and framerate are impeccable, and the spooky rock soundtrack takes no prisoners.
Also as in Crush, the side gutters are very forgiving but the large gap between the flippers is not. It's tough to get the ball up in to the third story, and one unfortunate bounce in the lower area could mean curtains. There's a lot to open up in the table and it takes a lot of hitting the right things repeatedly, so the game will keep you coming back again and again to try to crack that high score.
· Alien Crush (PCE)

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