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Soldier Blade
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  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Shooter_Vert; reg=JPN]
References added: 264, 471, 513
  "The "Soldier" shooter series."
The last of the "Soldier" vert shooter series I think, and many say the finest.
Certainly it has the best sprites, with many large and mean-looking mammer-jammers flying by taking pot-shots at you. This adds up to an impressive, rather epic-feeling single-player "normal" mode that the others (until the GC version perhaps, see entry 264) didn't have. The weapons too pack a pretty mean punch, although again it uses the multiple weapon powerup method where you have to dodge powerups for weapons you would prefer not to have.
Surprisingly, I'm not as fond of the time attack modes here as I am in, say, Final Soldier (entry 471)--they feel more like normal shooter levels than the bonus-tile-packed bonanza in some of the other Soldier games.
  paleface 01:47:14 06/08/04
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  "Bomb uses a weapon powerup for a big blast."
You don't really have "bombs" per se in this game, instead, hitting "Bomb" sacrifices one of your current weapon powerups (you can hold up to three at once) for a big energy blast that lasts for a few seconds. Neat idea, actually, and you can game it a bit by firing off a big blast if you have three weapons already and see another powerup coming down the screen.
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