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Hot-Blooded Downtown Story
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  paleface [sys=PCCD; cat=Beat_em_up; reg=JPN]
The romanized version of the Japanese name is "Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari." There seem to have been a good many games in Techno Soft's "Hot-Blooded" ("Nekketsu") series, with several branches: High-School (see entry 447 and entry 479), and Downtown, which I guess is when the kids flunk out of high-school and get all thugged out.
Supposedly this here is in fact an upgraded port of the NES version, called "River City Ransom" in the States. Seeing as how a version just came to GBA, I'll probably get and play that version. See, this is a beat-em-up, but with a lot of text in dialogue and in stores, so in fact there are a lot of role-playing elements (your character has a lot of stats, for instance) and it's nice to be able to read them in English, at least for me.
However, I'll keep this version around for co-op play, since the GBA version doesn't support two-player (what were they thinking there?).
Most of the dialogue has full voiceover in this version, and the CD soundtrack is rockin'. The sprites are noticeably more colorful than on the NES and the horrific slowdown endemic to that version is completely gone here, thank goodness. Nothing but nice smooth beating up of people, and a little shopping.
Also, you can save any time just about, backing up your progress to the PCE's internal save RAM. Very, very nice.
  paleface 15:08:29 05/15/19
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