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Hot-Blooded Downtown Marching Band: Great Athletic Meet
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  "The Hot-Blooded Downtown games from Technos Japan."
Thanks to Johnny Undaunted's GameFAQs FAQ for the title translation. The Japanese version is usually romanized as "Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku: Soreyuke Daiundoukai."
Single-player in this game is rather frustrating, because the AI is, well, always better, as far as I can tell. There are four athletic events and you have to do them in order, the first being a "Cross Country" (but it's more like cross-town, over rooftops, through houses, in sewers, etc) race. In true Hot-Blooded style there are weapons and weapon-like items strewn about which you can pick up and throw or swing at your fellow racers. But if the AI is controlling them, you better take your shot fast, because they will just plain be faster than you. It's like the AI has access to a third button, "Win," and you don't. Or maybe I just suck.
There are supposedly three more events after that, but I'm not gonna talk about them yet because I've barely seen 'em--you have to finish the Cross Country race first, and it's too frustrating right now for me to do that. I really want to play this with three other real people, then at least we'd be on a level playing field. The AI is no fun.
  paleface 11:41:24 05/18/19
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