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Summer Carnival '92: Alzadick
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  "Naxat's "Summer Carnival" shooters."
Naxat's first stab at taking on Hudson's "Soldier" series (see entry 527) of tournament-style vertical shooters, but Alzadick is really just a two-level demo, although I suppose you could see it as the direct precursor of the next year's "Nexzr Special" (see entry 534).
Like the Soldier games, Alzadick has all kinds of challenging modes: time attack, score attack, story, and so forth. Story mode is something of a joke, though, since you merely pick one of the two stages and, once its done (there's no way to crank up the difficulty), you just find yourself back at the menu.
It wouldn't be much of a Naxat Soft game if it didn't move fast, look good and sound good, and it certainly does. Otherwise, however, it feels like a bit of a hollow imitation of the Soldier series: you'll mine up a vast amount of weapon powerups but they all pretty much look the same (wimpy bullet streams), there doesn't appear to be any really interesting score combo system, the enemies are tiny and generic-looking, and the bosses are not memorable and die very quickly.
  paleface 12:54:41 05/20/19
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