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Time Cruise II
  opened by paleface at 21:34:20 06/26/04  
  last modified by paleface at 19:50:16 05/26/19  
  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Pinball; loc=JPN]
Weird pinball game on a big rambling table. I don't mind big rambling tables in principle (see Flipnic, entry 319, for instance) but there just doesn't seem to be much point at all to this one, and for some reason they dressed it in an icky brown brick texture. All the cool stuff to activate is way at the top, so down at the bottom you just feel like you're wasting your time--especially when you hit that stupid chute to nowhere.
Now, if you activate certain switches and then get the ball into certain holes, you can wind up in little bonus levels ala Devil Crash (entry 545). These bonus levels are odd, and not necessarily in a fun way. Surprisingly, one has rotatable platforms rather than paddles, and you try to slant them so that the ball will roll down in to a certain chute to get an extra ball. This is kind of neat but they could have done much more with it.
Ball physics are solid with this caveat: the ball is way too bouncy, it's like a rubber ball rather than a steel one. It bounces all over the darn place and gives a feeling of skittery control.
  paleface 21:35:24 06/26/04
Actually when I said "cool stuff" I just meant the switches and wraps to the bonus worlds. I haven't found much else that's cool--this game could really use some nice combo ramps or something, but instead you just wander around this big, vapid level hitting buttons that don't do much most of the time.
  paleface 19:50:16 05/26/19

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