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Down Load 2
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  "Down Load and Down Load 2."
Let's hear it for games having unnecessary exploration of male sexuality! Yes, like the prequel (see entry 473), this one starts off with a somewhat embarrassing cinematic. Then your girlfriend shows up in the middle of you watching the news and starts jabbering about something, you stomp out in disgust, jump in your ship, and cruise over the highways blowing everyone to hell.
The weapon system has improved, now you can select freely between five or so different weapons, almost all of which have a particular advantage in at least some situation (though the tracking pink balls will do most of your dirty work for you).
The bosses are large, somewhat impressive, and rather tough. On the plus side you get five lives, and continues if you're that type.
Aside from the male frontal nudity, there's nothing really wrong with Down Load 2, and nothing really great about it.
· Down Load (PCE)

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