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World Heroes 2
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  paleface [sys=PCCD; cat=Fighting; reg=JPN]
References added: 611, 612, 613
  "Arcade Card ports of SNK fighting games."
Yet another Arcade Card port by Hudson of an SNK fighting game. This one has particularly bad loading times (I love how sometimes the little loading counter will get down to say, 3, then restart several times back at a much higher number), perhaps worse even than Art of Fighting (see entry 611). I also seem to have problems pulling off special moves even on a regular pad, which is weird.
I like the loopyness of the World Heroes cast (like that pirate guy) but the actual fighting is not that good, with only really two buttons, not so hot animation (probably worse in the port, of course) and stupid AI.
Lots of bad digitized speech, too.
  paleface 23:36:04 06/29/04
When going to fight you can select "Death Match" mode, in which the fighters share a single life bar, and their shares increase or decrease as the opponent's does the opposite.
  paleface 17:14:45 09/09/20
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  "Title screen."
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