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Arcade Card Duo
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  "Arcade Card games."
A RAM expansion HuCard, required to play a few later CD games ("Arcade Card" games). It's remarkably thick and heavy for a HuCard. There's also an "Arcade Card Pro" that is used by the SuperGrafx. According to the internet the Arcade Card brought a Super CD system up to a total of 16 Mb (that's 16 Megabits, or 2 Megabytes) RAM.
The Arcade Card had a lot of potential but was underutilized, no doubt in great part due to newer shinier systems such as the PlayStation popping up around the same time. Only about a dozen Arcade Card titles were produced, and these almost all ports of arcade games (many SNK fighting games). Of course, since it was just RAM, and not additional processors, the Arcade Card was still hampered by the PCE's sprite and sound handling abilities.
· Art of Fighting (PCCD)
· Fatal Fury 2 (PCCD)
· Fatal Fury Special (PCCD)
· Kabuki Ittou Ryoudan (PCCD)
· World Heroes 2 (PCCD)
· Wrestling Universe: Fire Pro Joshi - Doumu Chou Taisen (PCCD)

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