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Hokus Pokus
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Reference added: 699
  "Some nice early tables from Bally with great scoring mechanisms."
A mid-70's table from Bally with a classic, mostly symmetrical layout having a spinner in the middle, ramps looping through the upper corners, two or three bumpers at the top below the bonus chutes, and buttons on the lower sides.
Doesn't sound like much, but that just goes to show that you really don't need much to make for a fun pinball table. Like another Bally creation from the same era, Expressway (see entry 699), the main scoring mechanism is both clear and difficult: light all four "ABCD" lights repeatedly on a single ball. If you can do it three times on one ball, you start getting free replays, and of course specials and bonus multipliers and things. On the default settings, or at least the settings I played on, it wasn't too tough to get two or three replays per game. I kind of like that. ;)
Anyway, the ABCD works well, particularly because there are two or three ways to light each of the letters, all spread around the table so you've always got at least a couple areas you can be shooting for.
· Expressway (PBL)

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