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Final Fight One
  opened by paleface at 01:59:09 08/18/03  
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  paleface [sys=GBA; cat=Beat_em_up; reg=NA]
Great port of the classic arcade beat-em-up. It's not the best game in the universe but it's darn fun. If you like beat-em-up's you should like it--and how many 2D beaters are coming home these days?
  paleface 02:56:23 05/25/04
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  "Brawling over molten la-va. Actually this is probably the most annoying part of the game."
Hadn't realized this before but the game supports two-player co-op if you link up two carts in two GBAs. The game is a lot more fun with two-players, somehow, and it really seems to go on forever almost.
On the down side, it really seems to go on forever. It got a little monotonous, even for me (we were continuing shamelessly, of course, so that my have contributed), to the point where I was stifling yawns. Part of the problem is that with really only one attack, much of the time you're just mashing a single button waiting for the badguys to run into your attack (and they will). This is exacerbated by the AI that likes to hang out offscreen when knocked down, so you usually end up pushing your character up against the side of the screen as close as they can go, then just mashing the attack button until the offscreen badguys get back up and walk into your off-screen fist. That really gets a little silly.
The sprites, on the other hand, are huge if you're playing this on the GameBoy Player.
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