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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
  opened by paleface at 03:37:13 03/29/05  
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Shooter_3D; loc=NA]
Pretty much like TimeSplitters 2 (see entry 283) done a bit bigger and badder: you've got up to 150 characters to unlock/play this time, apparently, and probably a few more weapons, new maps, etc. The game again offers a time-tripping story mode, and it seems quite well done, with particularly amusing little cutscenes, although I hear tell that it's pretty short. But you can play it co-op, and that's what really matters.
The game again sports various Challenge and Deathmatch modes. This time around it supports Internet play (EA registration required). What's funny is that I think the first game supported 8 players on a 4-PS2 LAN, but this one doesn't seem to do LAN at all (according to the back of the packaging), and only does 8 players via Internet. 4-player split-screen still features as well, and hopefully it'll run just as smoothly as it did in the last game--I played team DM a lot in TS2 with a couple friends.
Then again the GameSpot review says it does 16-players online, but I'm not at all sure they tried that. The GS review rightly points out that the weapon sounds are a bit underpowered, and that TS is sort of a super-slick relic of the old simple FPS days where you run around fairly open areas, circle-strafing at lighting speed, but it's quite well done for all that.
  paleface 17:01:24 04/03/05
The Story Mode has amusing cutscenes and good voice work, but the boss battles are more annoying than they are fun, the time-twisting plot gets way too overstuffed, and the game has this really annoying way of suddenly teleporting you across the level when your co-op comrade hits an invisible checkpoint--there were times when it seemed like we were just blipping back and forth as someone kept tripping a checkpoint over and over. Ridiculous. Fortunately the story mode isn't really the focus of these games.
· TimeSplitters 2 (PS2)

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