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Alien Front Online
  opened by paleface at 23:05:40 05/16/05  
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  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Shooter_3D; loc=NA]
An arcade-like tank shooter from Sega, and even though I like it, I can't really play it for more than a half-hour or so at a time.
You drive your human or alien tank around the shoot the other side. You can do this in a series of missions in a campaign-style mode, or in an instant-action "Arcade" mode, or in theory you could have gone online and fought against other people. I never tried that out, probably because the game (I think?) didn't support the broadband adapter. On the other hand, it came with a cheap headset microphone, which you could use to trash-talk in probably a very staticky way.
Steering the tank around is a little complicated if you want to try stuff like going sideways and dodging, since you have to hold a shoulder button and the "forward" gas to roll the tank left or right. There should have been some more intuitive way to do this, and the darn thing should have supported the Twin Stick (see entry 804), darn it. Each side has three tank sizes to use, the light ones being weaker but more nimble than the heavy ones.
Each tank type also has a variety of sub-weapons available; you can pick these up from destroyed tanks. You can also collect health repair kits, which will be vital, what with it being hard to dodge and all. In campaign mode, if you die you have to restart the mission, which sucks. That's why I play Arcade mode, where you just respawn. Usually in Arcade mode you have to kill a certain number of the enemy within a certain time limit that gets tighter and tighter on successive maps. Campaign mode, on the other hand, has more map variety (there are really only a handful of places to fight in Arcade mode, and they're pretty tiny maps), but annoying objectives like driving around and taking out markers or something.
So, all I do is jump into Arcade mode every once in a long while and blow some stuff up. Stuff blows up real big and noisy, so it can be fun for a little while.

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