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Double Dragon
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  paleface [sys=NES; cat=Beat_em_up; reg=NA]
Ah, man, I love this game. It couldn't match the arcade version for graphical punch, but Technos Japan really had a way with cute tough-guy sprites on the NES. Instead of having all the moves from the get-go like you do in the arcade version, they chose to string things out a bit by keeping moves hidden until you hit a certain combat level (ie until you've wasted enough low-level goons). But eventually the intricacies of such moves as the reverse elbow and the sit-on-them-and-punch-their-face will be revealed to you, and you will be one bad-ass post-apocalyptic punk.
Doesn't actually have two-player co-op, which is a real shame; the added "battle mode" thing doesn't make up for the loss. I also hate the stalactite-dropping cave platform sequences toward the end, but then again Technos seems to have included some sort of annoying platforming sequence like that in all of the DD platformers I've played (even the superlative PCE CD sequel--see entry 505).
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