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Double Dragon
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  paleface [sys=GB; cat=Beat_em_up; reg=JPN]
Semi-faithful port of the arcade Double Dragon. Ye olde Game Boy can only handle two badguys onscreen at once, apparently, so it's a bit toned down in that regard, and some stages look considerably different (and maybe a bit shorter) than they used to, but your young street fighter has most of his old moves, and the music has been brought over, if in rather low-fidelity.
Jump, punch, jump kick, grab guys and throw them over your shoulder, throw elbows behind you... That good old stuff is in. The elbow is quite a bit weaker than it used to be. What really bugs me though ist he jump kick: very slow, and has a bizarre trajectory. Speaking of slow, plain old movement is pretty slow here, and takes some getting used to.
Weapons tend to disappear on their own after a few enemy waves, bummer. That's not so bad as being sent back to the beginning of the stage when you die, though; so, you have to single-life every stage, essentially. Grr. Take this together with jumping puzzles across moving platforms later on (why did the DD games always revert to this? Darn quarter-suckers...) and you may get some frustration.
Helpfully, the CPU tends to do silly things like fall down holes and off ledges. Phew.
There seems to be two-player support, but I haven't tried that yet. All in all, I think they did a pretty decent job of bringing the thing over to GB. The jump should have been better, and restarting the stage when dying shouldn't be necessary, but otherwise the thing is pretty solid.
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